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Witness above: A 2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro. A truck for doing truckish things, like driving on the beach and paying visits to the nearest sporting goods outlet. Do you notice anything peculiar about the truck’s face? Anything peculiar about THE NUMBER OF HOOD SCOOPS IT HAS?

This little design element was first spotted by Road & Track deputy editor and Jalopnik pal, Bob Sorokanich.


And by God he’s right!


As Bob notes in his story, the hood scoopception isn’t new for the 2019 Tundra:

This has been a feature of the TRD Pro since its debut earlier this year, and indeed, it isn’t the first Tundra to be double-scooped: The 2018 Tundra Sport featured a similar stack-o-scoops. But today’s announcement of pricing on the 2019 TRD Pro put those scooped-scoops right back in front of our eyeballs.


Sir wants a truck, but not just any truck. No, sir wants TWO hood scoops to maximize the scooping of the air and, indeed, of life itself. It’s the ultimate life hack, achieving twice the amount of air for the same amount of effort. Must be why humans can breathe through their noses and mouths.

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