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The Toyota Supra Is Still A Dream Machine 20 Years Later

Wanna feel old? This year, the beastly, twin turbocharged fourth-generation Toyota Supra will be old enough to buy you a beer.


The Supra may have debuted in the now-ancient year of 1992, but age has not diminished its potency or its popularity. It's been a mainstay in tuner magazines and video games for the past 20 years and that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon. People still pine for the Supra, or at the very least, a modern replacement.

The Supra is the focus of this latest video from our pals at XCAR, and it's divided into two parts: a history of the Supra's development, and a test drive of a rather colorful one from the UK.


But it's not just some garish tuner car. This one was the last one imported into Great Britain, and it's a former company car done up to look like the legendary TOM's Castrol Supra from Japanese GT racing.

Yes, it has the crappy, 90s-tastic four-speed autobox — which Alex Goy says makes it "the slowest fast car you will ever drive" — but with more than 370 horsepower, it's an impressive piece of kit, albeit one that's conservative compared to some of the zany 1,000 horsepower Supras that have emerged over the years. Still, it's awesome, and I certainly wouldn't kick one out of my garage.

Who here is still lusting after the Supra 20 years down the line?

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Somethingwittyer likes noisy

Castrol livery is easy the most underrated livery ever. At the very least (in my mind) it's as good as the Martini livery.