The Toyota Camry Is Stuck In The Outfield

Photo: MLB (YouTube)

A Toyota Camry being used for a between-inning promotion got stuck in the outfield during a Houston Astros-St. Louis Cardinals MLB spring training game on Sunday. Just watch the family sedan awkwardly try to squeeze between the wall and a T.V. truck.

Apparently the wall’s door couldn’t open far enough to let the Camry through, so the attendants tried to close the door to make more room, while the Camry driver cranked on the steering wheel to turn the sedan just so. This did not work:

After a very Austin Powers-esque multi-point turn attempt, the driver gave up and exited through the doors in the left field wall.

I’d love to see this person try to parallel park.

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moistened bint

Dear All-Knowing Jalopnik,

I am responsible for getting relief pitchers from the bullpen to the mound and then making a graceful exit from the playing field. What kind of car should I buy? Some of the guys I need to give a ride to are tall. I don’t need to carry much equipment, but I do need to be maneuverable and not damage the field. Needs to have a decent amount of flat body panels for sponsor ads.

Budget: 25k. Probably get a new one each year. Could go higher with sponsor support.


The Bullpen Crew