The Time Zagato Made A Toyota MR2

The year was 2001, the place was Japan, and anything was possible. Even Zagato Toyotas. Mid-engined Zagato Toyotas!

Did you ever look at the third-generation Toyota MR2 only to end up with the conclusion that you want one, but without having to become car buddies with Mike Spinelli? I mean, what if you get the car, and immediately, your hair becomes the same, too? One cannot risk such things.


Luckily, the Japanese domestic market has a solution of you. It's called the VM 180. Built by Toyota Modelista International in limited numbers only, the VM 180 was based on the MR-S with the engine tuned to 155 horsepower and the body panels supplied by Zagato of Milan.

If only if I was at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show to see it in the flesh! No matter, I always wanted to visit Japan anyway.

Look at that badge! This is perfect, no doubt.


Photo credit: Toyota


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