The Time A Mercedes Took Porsches And Fear To Le Mans

In the seventies, coachbuilder Robert Smenk of Stuttgart created two transport trucks for Porsche. They were designed specifically for their long-tail Le Mans prototypes using a pair of 1968 Mercedes-Benz bus chassis. Today, one is back at Porsche, but its sister ended up in the US and gets driven regularly.


Nicknamed 'Buster', the bus is part of Porsche racers and specialists Brumos' collection, who take it to as many events as they can. With a 220 hp inline-six that's built into the floor horizontally, a five-speed manual and about 800 ft lb on tap, she's a real joy to drive on a sunny day and still functions as a transporter as well.

Hurley Haywood of Brumos Racing first saw it at work striking the fear into other team's hearts in 1977 at Le Mans, when Jochen Mass and Jacky Ickx raced 936s, with the Belgian winning the game for Porsche once again.

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S-M 2187 changed its paint job as often as the team itself since Porsche used the pair up until the mid-eighties, but after spending years under the famous Martini and Rothmans colors, she is now back in her original dress, the classy two-tone of deep red and beige with the classic Porsche typeface in the middle.

Plus a few extra signatures from a bunch of very fast people playing a part in its illustrious history.

I'm glad you asked! Porsche used Scanias to move the 919s and Webber's stuff this year.


Photo credit: Porsche AG



Was there ever a manufacturer that used trucks made by the same company?