The Terra Bus Is The Only Doomsday Ride You'll Ever Need

Remember when I told you that a camouflaged 2014 Range Rover Sport is the best ride for the time when worlds collide? Forget what I said! That's just too small. What you'll need instead is a Terra Bus built by the Canadians.


Not only can it significantly improve your boring Windows desktop, but can also carry 56 of your friends and family members to a not too distant safe location. Tough terrain won't be an issue, since it was designed to deal with whatever the Arctic Circle throws at it.

Built by Canadian firm Foremost Industries, the Terra Bus is powered by a 250 horsepower Detroit Diesel engine, which provides the 55,000-lb monster a top speed of 25 mph. Okay, I guess you will need to change the gearing if you want to go far away, but it will be worth it. All-wheel drive and articulated steering comes as standard, and this Antarctic bus is able to transport loads weighing up to 30 tons. That's a lot of weapons and supplies.

And a few zombies won't stop it, that's for sure.


Photo credit: Eli Duke and Gordon Werner

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