The Ten Worst Winter Drivers Caught On Video

They say Scandinavia gave us so many world rally champions because they have to master driving on ice and snow. By contrast, the US has given us no world rally champions, and these videos might give a sense why.

10.) The crossing

Ice related understeer is a menace. Stupidity is worse.

Suggested By: ZXRider

9.) Parking issues

The pool was undercover.

Suggested By: _Mécanicien


8.) Rebel without a cause

"I just wanna see what happens when he hits the bridge".

Understandable. Not.

Suggested By: daft-drunk

7.) Hillclimb special

No worries baby, we got four-wheel drive and a V8. No brain, but no worries.

Suggested By: Gimmi-Sagan-Om-Draken-Visiting-From-Negative-Earth

6.) West Virginia drift

The insurance company will tell you that when driving conditions weren't ideal, that's the time you should stop flooring it.


Suggested By: designerbation


5.) Misson abort

Step 1: Forget your brakes when in Seattle.

Suggested By: venivelovici


4.) Crazytown

You spin me right 'round baby right 'round.

Suggested By: Shmalworthington


3.) Abandon vehicle

The Jaguar S-Type was made for that.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister


2.) The pinball

That's a new high score.

Suggested By: POD


1.) Nevermind

Remember, this is where grunge came from!

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great Job


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Top Photo Credit: Midas

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Who needs sway bars anyway

#10 is exactly why I will never own a FWD vehicle. Under steer is basically the devil, here is nothing you can do with it. At least with RWD and some experience you can save yourself and maintain a decent amount of control, with good throttle control and know how.

And I'm pretty sure that #8 was a lady having a stroke, not a work of stupidity.