For me, the American license plate business is a bit confusing. And the following ten states don't make it any easier to understand.

Europe has a brilliant system. Clear numbers, clear colors, different sizes to fit any vehicle. America likes it a bit messier:

10.) Delaware's Boring Plate

Mr. Sinister says tax free shopping comes at a price:

I say the title goes to Delaware. They're cheaply made (decal numbers and letters, not embossed), ugly (horrible shades of blue and gold), and just plain boring. But that's tax free shopping for you!!

Suggested By: Mr. Sinister

9.) Iowa's Farm Plate

There are lots of farms in Iowa. We get it.

Suggested By: Jay_Hoff

8.) New York's Empire Plate

Highball! went regional to avoid the color:

New York. Because ugly ass orange plates. I actually got regional plates to go back to the white plates and ditch the orange.

Suggested By: Highball!

7.) Kentucky's Friendly Plate

The governor had an idea. Yeah, it's that friendly.

Suggested By: Joe Monroe

6.) Illinois Bike Plate

Share the road, add some terrible colors to your vehicle.

Suggested By: LTFO

5.) Georgia's Peachy

Peaches,'s the Peach State.

Suggested By: Pcleez

4.) Florida's Dolphin Plate

Florida loves dolphins, we love Florida.

Suggested By: Car-less Car Guy

3.) Texas Color Plates

The classic plate, above, is bad enough. But wait until you see the new color options they have in Texas:

Suggested By: Patrick George

2.) Kansas

Name one car that could live with that!

Suggested By: Triborough

1.) Montana's Plates

For Sweden points out that Montana doesn't have one bad plate; it has a crap ton of them.

Suggested By: For Sweden

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