The nice thing about shopping for a car on Craigslist is that you can trust you'll deal with a well-adjusted, down-to-Earth seller. No wait, you're gonna sort through a metric ton of nutsos.

10.) The Whalemobile


It's a whale. Built out of a Yugo. The eyes blink red and everything.

Suggested By: Rory_Carroll

9.) Girlfriend Pregnant, Wife Mad


This Corolla listing describes a lifetime of bad choices.

Great runner. Girlfriend pregnant , wife mad must sell all my toys . U must take items on car. There is bbq parts, arrows, mt. Dew cans. There may also be a few items that u may throw away.

Suggested By: jmpSTI980

8.) Free Car, Possible Bonus Mafia Corpses Inside


A 'free car' listing in Colorado Springs stated that there's a car buried at the back of the seller's property, possibly filled with corpses.

"I don't think anyone's in it but I'm not sure. Mafia people used to live around here. You'll need a bobcat to dig it out"

Suggested By: uncalbe50

7.) Will Trade Mustang For Weed


Two pounds of weed for a Mustang 5.0? Sounds like a good trade for one Bay Area resident.

Suggested By: dealieD712

6.) Unexplained Batmobile


This guy is selling his fairly ordinary 1998 BMW 528i. What he fails to mention, even in the slightest, is that there's a full-size Tumbler parked next to his car.

Clearly, we have found Batman.

Suggested By: fartburgler

5.) World's Worst Car For Sale


One part 1962 International pickup. One part 1990s Pontiac Grand Am. Mix together to form the most horrifyingly bad truckcar you've ever seen.

Suggested By: jinglehoffer32

4.) Free MC Hammer Pants With Antiterror-Spec Nissan


Not only do you get a 69,000 mile "four-wheeled hellcat from Planet Kickass" but you also get FREE MC Hammer pants "for the man with rippling quads that can't fit into regular pants."

Suggested By: ViorentGrip

3.) Sweet Ass 2001 Taurus



Suggested By: Colin Leslie

2.) Surprisngly Virile Moped For Sale


You might think it's just a $50 49cc Yamaha Razz, but no, it's a sexmachine that will impregnate anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of

1.) The Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ Grand-Am GT


Behold what is possibly the greatest Craigslist car ad ever. When you're done basking in its excellence, meet the two guys who made it (and the baby-making moped, too).

Suggested By: Speigelberg Presents E.T. Farts Home

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