The Guys Behind The Greatest Craigslist Ad Discover The Power Of Sex

Over a year ago, we reported on a Craigslist ad for a used Grand Am that set a template for a huge number of copycat ads since: unicorns, grand claims of virility, vast life-quality improvement, and unmitigated beard growth. Now they're at it again, with a $50 scooter and the power of the human form.


According to our demographic reports, it's probably not the human form you'd really like to see, but what the hell. At least they're out there, mixing it up, putting on speedos, trying things out.

$50 is actually quite reasonable for a 49cc Yamaha Razz— that's just over a buck a cubic centimeter of displacement! Plus, the ad makes the now expected promises of adrenalin-rush levels exceeding messiah-meeting, all in a handy graph format.

Plus, male pregnancies.


It's safe to say the original ad started a small Craigslist revolution in intense hyperbolic, unicorn-saturated salesmanship, so I'm curious to see if it now will spark a trend of scantily-clad men draped over used Civics and rusted-out Valiants. Though I've heard if it's scantily clad-men you really want to see, Craigslist has some other options.

Anyway, good luck finding that monster scooter a home!

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