Having a car crash is scary enough, but Jalopnik readers know a few places where you should get even more scared. Here are the ten places to try and avoid getting into an accident.


What if the real problem in a car crash starts when you take a look out the window only to see there's a very limited chance of survival? There are no bars on your phone, no civilization around, and maybe even no road under your wheels.

10.) Long Bridges like the Golden Gate


Reader Highball! explains what's wrong with long bridges:

Can be narrow, bridges are more likely to form ice and slick spots and of course the issue of access by first responders. I had a close call myself on the Tappan Zee Bridge last night. Woman in a BMW decided to at the same time, cut me off and slam on her brakes, I hit my brakes and because of the rain my wheels locked up and because of the bridges shitty road deck my car started to go sideways and I saw the median but I was able to recover control before getting creamed by a tractor trailer.


Lucky save!

Suggested By: Highball!, Photo Credit: GETTY

9.) Deep Tunnels Like The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Police might have one of the coolest patches on their uniforms, but you probably still want to avoid being stuck underwater in a tunnel, miles away from the land just to meet them.

Suggested By: reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear, Photo Credit: Natalie Maynor

8.) Cliff-Sided Roads Like Highway 1


California's Highway 1 is both beautiful and deadly according to AGirlsBestFriendIsHerSTi:

Highway 1 in California, most notably southbound between Carmel and Big Sur. Beautiful and deadly, there is no runoff in many sections and it's mostly two lanes. You're screwed if you're in an accident, you're either going over a cliff or waiting way too long for emergency vehicles to get to you.

Suggested By: AGirlsBestFriendIsHerSTi, Photo Credit: Ana Ulin

7.) Dark, Wintry Roads Like In Upstate NY


Canada can be just as scary as Siberia, but Thunder thinks even upstate New York shows what's freaky about dark, cold roads:

Narrow 2-lane roads, relatively little traveled, many trees, easy to get far enough off the road to be unseen.


Suggested By: Thunder, Photo Credit: Randen Peterson

6.) Poorly Maintained Mountain Passes Like Yungas Road, Bolivia

This rutted, washed-out, cliffside stretch 0f the Andes is called the "Death Road." It doesn't really need more of an explanation.


Suggested By: Super Kiwi Zorro and Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: BBC

5.) Sparsely Populated Deserts Like The Aussie Outback


Breaking down in a desert is not pleasant. According to LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy, Australians learn this at a pretty young age:

Think of having an accident, any accident, injuries or no injuries. Even just breaking down out in the middle of Oz is scary. It's not obviously scary like Pikes Peak, but you could easily be the only person in a 200-300 mile radius. And with no food, water, communication or anybody expecting you to be somewhere with in the next few days or week...

A nice way of putting it is you're up the proverbial estuaries without means of locomotion... In the dry season, without water, you could easily be dead in three days.

If you go out for an adventure in the Aussie outback, a good thing to do is call the local police near your destination and plan to visit them. Tell them where you're coming from, which way you're going and when they can expect to see you. That can save your life and the cops appreciate that.

Another good thing to have is a HF radio for long distance comms. HF is the grapevine of the Outback.


Suggested By:daender, Photo Credit: Michel Heiniger

4.) When Surrounded By Crowds Like At A Drift Event

When spectators line a race course, the crashes get infinitely worse. As a driver, you can't ever forget about it.


Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch

3.) Narrow Passes Like Natural Bridge


This is a tricky one...

Suggested By: eaglescout1984

2.) A War Zone Like Iraq


Check your battery and oil level before going into a war zone. It's worth the effort.

Suggested By: philaDLJ, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

1.) Where They Can't Find You...


A fascinating story from manifold engines, wanting for time about a man who managed the crash next to a less fortunate driver two weeks after him:

Next to the last victim of the canyon... 2 weeks later. This guy crashed over the side of the canyon next to another car containing a corpse. Unable to climb out due to a broken arm, he had to eat leaves and bugs for 6 days. Oh, he also borrowed the dead guys glasses...

More about it here.

Suggested By: manifold engines, wanting for time, Photo Credit: signalscv.com

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Top Photo Credit: The Associated Press - the driver in the truck was unharmed, the driver in the falling semi broke a few bones, but was okay.