What's The Scariest Place To Have A Car Crash?

My friend once lost control of his friend's car and skidded off the road. He was driving in the desert though, and the car smoothly plowed into a soft bank of sand. Basically, the car was fine. Few drivers are so lucky.


Take a look at Jeremy Foley spearing off the road at the Pikes Peak hillclimb last year. It's what it looks like to drive off of a cliff. Foley and his crew built a roll cage strong enough for the impact, but man does that not look fun.

What do you think would be the scariest place to have a car crash?

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Most places discussed here, you know are scary. But here is one people may not even realize the danger.

Looks fairly safe. The fence almost makes it appear to be something beyond the road. But really the fence is hiding the fact you are on top of this:

US 11 at Natural Bridge (in Virginia). A 215 foot high rock formation, with a creek underneath. I'd hate to be on that part of the road and somehow wind up leaving the road surface, because there's only one outcome for that.