What Do You Do When you See A Car Crash In Front Of You?

You're driving down the highway and then BAM you see a car or motorcycle crash in front of you. What do you do?


We already know what to do if you if you yourself are in a crash, but what about when you see a car crash in front of you? How do you keep from getting rear ended? How do you help them and stay safe yourself? We hope to turn your answers into a straightforward how-to checklist for future use, so give us your own steps in what to do.

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Brian, The Life of

As it is happening turn on your hazards as quickly as you can to signal a problem to drivers behind you. If it is bad/looks like there may be injuries and the cars are in lanes, stop behind the wreck in the same lane so your vehicle (with flashers on) can act as some protection for those involved that are still in their car. Look in your rear view before you get out to help and don't get between your car and the wreck unless there is another vehicle stopped behind you. Call the police (and request ambulance if there are any injuries). Most of all, be careful that you don't become another victim by keeping your eyes peeled for those who haven't.