The Ten Most Comfortable Cars You Can Buy

There's nothing more comfortable than piling into a rolling barcalounger on wheels and letting the world pass by your window at 70 miles an hour. Jalopnik readers know the most comfortable cars of all, fit for your smooth sailing fantasies.


Welcome back to Answers of the Day - our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

This list is so packed with luxury that the Queen's Bentley only made it to the third place, so you better prepare yourself and open a bottle of champagne. It's four o'clock somewhere!

Photo Credit: Maybach

10.) McLaren MP4-12C


I know what you're thinking. A supercar shouldn't even be on this list. Fair enough, but what the team at Woking did with the McLaren MP4-12C's suspension is pretty amazing. McLarry puts it simple:

I have it on good authority that the ride in the MP4-12C is ridiculously smooth.

Just ask Jeremy Clarkson. He will back that up. Or Mike.

Suggested By: McLarry , Photo Credit: Axion23

9.) BMW X5


I do hate the X-Series from Munich, but after having some fun with the BMW 320d M Sport Touring, I must say I can totally believe BrtStlnd, who claims the following:

I hate to be a homer, but I'm nominating my previous vehicle, the X5. The driver's seat is a throne, an absurdly well-supported heated, cooled, massaging, almost infinitely adjustable throne. The cabin is near silent on the highway so you can enjoy the incredible sound system while 100s of miles pass under the car.


Suggested By: BrtStlnd, Photo Credit: Janitors

8.) Lexus LS460L


The Japanese also came with some tools for beating the German or English at the executive car market. wikedme likes the Lexus LS460L's rear seats the most:

If I sell almost everything I own (just getting out of school - but invested all my money and borrowed some from parents and invested it in real estate auctions when market hit the bottom - it did well), I can get a LS460L. It's was the nicest rear seat I have ever travelled in for some distance (my cousin borrowed one for a drive from New York to Texas).


Suggested By: wikedme, Photo Credit: Jeroen Elfferich

7.) 90's Mercury Grand Marquis


Some of you mentioned Lincoln Town Cars or the Buick Electra Park Ave which are great candidates, but my vote goes to CobraJoe, who offers an affordable alternative to current luxury cars:

They're not to heavy on electronics or toys, but nothing smoothes over the bumps like a big Merc. Well, nothing for that price...

Add to that velour seats (I like it better than their leather), 2 cubic miles of interior space (for the front passengers), and an engine and controls that work hard not to stress the driver, and you have a comfortable vehicle for the price of a campaign fundraiser meal.


Suggested By: CobraJoe, Photo Credit: keith1301

6.) Volvo S80L


ForSweden (obviously) gave us the best of Sweden, but Biased_Waffles went one step further with the Volvo S80L, the extended-wheelbase edition built in China for the local market, where legroom beats everything. This is what you get:

Some of the best seats in the world, a comfortable suspension that still manages to keep body roll to the minimum, and the most ergonomic cabin I've ever seen. Also, it still has buttons, so you won't be craned over reading the infotainment screen.


Suggested By: Biased_Waffles, Photo Credit: Volvo

5.) Mercedes-Benz 600


Reader 1973Porsche was the fastest to throw the legendary Mercedes-Benz Großer into the picture, but Brian, the Life Of also gave us an explanation of the banana republic's ultimate ride:

It'll coddle you like a Cold War dictator and intimidate the masses at the same time. Win/win!


I have a feeling the the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will beat it.


Suggested By: 1973Porsche, Photo Credit: Otis Blank

4.) Citroën C6


The original Citroën DS remained the most comfortable car money could buy for a long time, and the CX introduced in 1974 followed in its footsteps. Add 40 years of development to that, and you end up with the C6. Telumectar fell in love with it immediately:

Last time I went to a motor show I sat and checked out lots of different cars.

The C6 was in a whole other league, even compared to other Citroën.

My girlfriend and I sat in it and were immediately shocked by how COMFORTABLE it was.

The perfect luxury-sleeper, it doesn't look like a real high-money car and people won't stare at it. They will check on the MBs, Audis and BMWs and the C6 owner won't give a fuck, for he/she would be tranquil, in a different universe, in absolute comfort.

Comfort looks better in black, though.

Apollon adds more:

Most advanced hydropneumatic suspenson, adaptive automatic transmission, comfy seats and a queit interior. Went out of production lately, but there still are some new cars for sale in the dealer's lots.


Suggested By: Telumectar, Photo Credit: KlausNahr

3.) Bentley State Limousine


Only two of these were built for Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee in 2002. The Bentley State Limousines are powered by a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V8 from the Arnage S with 400 horsepower and 616 lb·ft. It's also armored, with kevlar-enforced tires and protection against gas attacks. The Queen sits on lambswool sateen cloth made by the Hield Brothers.

Suggested By: Hart88, Photo Credit: Getty Images


2.) Rolls-Royce Phantom


Many of you suggested top of the line German executive cars, but when it comes to the ultimate luxury, you can't beat English craftsmanship with BMW's build quality. Matt Farah will share the experience with you:

I once had the pleasure of driving a 2008 Rolls Phantom from LA to Vegas. It was, unquestionably, the best drive to Vegas of my life. The Phantom is exactly like driving a cloud; you feel nothing; you glide along, hovering not on the road but above it, in the world's most comfortable barca lounger with 2" thick fluffy carpeting under your feet. The car is dead silent, has no vibrations of any kind, and the best view out the windshield of any luxury car available at any price. Like a fucking boss.

Oh, and, you know, it's 100% air tight in there too. Don't ask me why I know that.


Suggested By: TheSmokingTire, Photo Credit: CarSpotter


1.) The Becker JetVan


The Becker JetVan is a $400,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter built to make you feel like you're on a private jet. Just look at the damn thing - and this is only one of dozens of interior schemes and sizes.


Suggested By: Jayhawk Jake, Photo Credit: Becker Auto Design

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