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Inside The $400,000 Van Built Like A Private Jet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Being rich can be very difficult. Do you choose to ride around in a limo, drive a super car, or go for something rare and vintage? Now, thanks to Becker Auto Design's $400,000 JetVans, you have a new choice. A custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van filled with mobile Bond-villian grade levels of technology and luxury.

Matt Hardigree and I took a moment from our busy New York Auto Show Schedule to hole up inside one of these luxury cocoons and talk to the man behind these decadent vans.


They're called JetVans, but I suppose "jet-like" vans is really a better name, since the vans have no actual jet power, but rather are highly customized Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with interiors customized to private jet-levels of luxury. That means lots of birdseye maple and automatic window shades, flat screens and amazing leather seats. These vans are a level above luxury cars or limousines, becoming effectively mobile offices or living rooms, or we learned, pretty much whatever the client wants to pay for.

The vans have that overall feeling of luxury and quality that, quite frankly, makes me a bit nervous, like my bank account is being depleted just by my sitting there. The lighting is highly adjustable and carefully designed to give an airy, yet intimate feel. The use of space is very effective and clearly aircraft-inspired. Tables perform acrobatic folds and disappear into lacquered panels, leather chairs move and swivel, and there seems to be a bit of Tardis technology used for the many storage compartments.


The company behind these Benz-approved conversions is Becker Auto Design, and the man behind the company is Howard Becker. Becker makes vans to several selectable floorplans, but what's more interesting is the capacity for fully customized work. They've even built an integrated exercise bike for one of their clients, which is what led up to our discussion.