This Incredible Datsun 510 Has An SR20 Turbo Motor And Nearly 400 HP

No power steering. No power door locks. No power brakes. It's just you, a 40-year-old rear-drive coupe, three pedals, a turbocharged SR20 engine with nearly 400 horsepower and the road. » 1/09/15 9:00am 1/09/15 9:00am

Meet /DRIVE's One Million Subscribers, Even The Trolls

Horn tooting? Perhaps. But for an entity that didn't exist before 2012, hitting a million YouTube subscribers is a big deal. And it demands so many thank you's, /DRIVE had to produce a video salute to its viewers. And so, here's to you. All million-plus of you. Even the trolls. » 4/08/14 9:44pm 4/08/14 9:44pm

This Tuner Tesla Model S Costs $205,000

There is no doubt that the Tesla Model S is a premium product that carries a premium price tag. While Tesla themselves often quotes the "starting at" price for their Model S, however, at least one Tesla owner wanted to see just how high he could get the car's price by ticking all the options that were made available… » 3/16/14 2:19pm 3/16/14 2:19pm

The GMC Syclone Pickup Makes A Hell Of A Hillclimber

If you want to get your car on /TUNED, Matt Farah says, your tuner must be a true reflection of your personality, something they don't see every day, and something that is anything but the easy way out. This truck is all that and more. » 2/03/14 3:09pm 2/03/14 3:09pm

Two More Reasons Why The Answer To Every Car Question Is Miata

I don't know who said it first, but the "The Answer Is Always Miata" meme steamrollers on, juggernaut-like, smashing other, lesser memes and leaving them in its wake. Sorry, Socially Awkward Penguin. » 1/27/14 5:19pm 1/27/14 5:19pm

Video: What's it Like to Drive a 900HP Evo In the Rain? - /TUNED

Our trip to to the bridge nation of Panama for /TUNED has been interesting so far. We tried to film a Skyline R34, but ended up with a School Bus modified for highway racing. Then, we got ourselves a bad ass fixer with what has to be one of the best modified and most sorted Suzuki Samurais in the entire world. What… » 1/20/14 5:24pm 1/20/14 5:24pm

The Nicest Suzuki Samurai You've Ever Seen Belongs To "The Fixer"

Who hasn't wanted to trick out a Suzuki Samurai for serious off-roading? Maybe you. But you may want to reconsider after seeing this one Matt Farah and his /DRIVE crew found in Panama. The adventure continues. » 1/14/14 7:54am 1/14/14 7:54am

These Street-Racing School Buses In Panama Are Majorly Sketchy

Ever gone 100 mph in an old International school bus with no seat belts, a worked-over 7.6-liter turbodiesel and a wobbly wheel? The guys from /TUNED did, and they lived to tell the tale. Just barely. » 1/06/14 3:48pm 1/06/14 3:48pm

Only 40 Percent Of The Cars In This 2014 /DRIVE Teaser Are Sideways

That doesn't mean the tire shredding will cease. Its just that, more than ever, there's more to /DRIVE than drifting for 2014. » 1/02/14 11:34am 1/02/14 11:34am

This Is /DRIVE's Year In GIFs, 2013

It was quite a year for /DRIVE. We got to drive cars, meet the nerds inside sports-car production studios, sit trackside at major motorsports events and even do burnouts. Here's 2013 in GIFs. » 12/27/13 9:48am 12/27/13 9:48am

This GMC Canyon Is The Burnout Machine Burger-Flipping Built

Matt Ochoa spent every dime he had, most earned from his job flipping burgers at In-N-Out, on a GMC Canyon pickup truck he inherited from his grandmother. All those dimes helped turn an otherwise humble truck into a quarter-mile monster. » 12/16/13 3:50pm 12/16/13 3:50pm

Video: Meet the 400HP, Tire-punishing, Turbo BMW E30 - /TUNED

As nice as it is to visit a reputable tuning company such as a Titan Motorsports or Heffner and drive their creations, I'm never really surprised by them. Everyone says their cars are fast as hell and run great, and then when they do, it's exactly what I expect. » 12/09/13 3:32pm 12/09/13 3:32pm

The Lamborghini Aventador Is A Missile You Can Drive To Las Vegas

Two-hundred-seventy-seven miles, 700 horsepower, nearly $500,000 in car. It's the Lamborghini Aventador on a road trip through the desert to sin city. Talk about a bullet train to Vegas — this is it. » 12/02/13 8:07pm 12/02/13 8:07pm

Here's Why 124 mph On A Desert Highway Isn't As Much Fun As It Sounds

Going flat-out on a smoothly-paved desert highway with only a few lazy bends to tax the car's available traction sounds like fun, right? Well, sometimes it can be. This is not one of those times. » 11/25/13 3:01pm 11/25/13 3:01pm

This Twin-Turbo Subaru Legacy is JDM Subtlety Done Right

Subaru made a lot of amazing performance cars in the 1990s, and basically none of them came to America. That means us here on this side of the pond had to improvise. Like this.P » 11/18/13 3:37pm 11/18/13 3:37pm

Is Roush's Stage 3 The Best Mustang You Can Buy?

The aftermarket for the Ford Mustang is simply insane. But it always seems that the best modified Mustangs come straight from Ford. Does the Roush Stage 3 defeat the Boss 302 as the best Mustang you can get? » 11/11/13 1:20pm 11/11/13 1:20pm

A Gentleman Racer Needs To Drive A Gentleman's Car

High buck sports car racing is the realm of the gentleman racer. But instead of a Ferrari or a Porsche, shouldn't a gentleman racer have a gentleman's race car? Aston Martin says yes. » 10/29/13 4:00pm 10/29/13 4:00pm

Here's How To Build A Better Mitsubishi Evo X

Ryan Gates has held his racing number, 311, since he was four years old. A few years ago, Gates set out to parlay a super-successful time-attack career into a tuning empire. One step at a time, that is, starting with the Mitsubishi Evo X 311RS. » 10/21/13 3:48pm 10/21/13 3:48pm

Here Are Two Ways To Build The Subaru Legend We Never Got

What's better for maximizing your game than a friendly rivalry? Maybe an unfriendly one? But if the second isn't available, the first can work too. Just ask these two friends who've created a pair of Subaru RS coupes fit for inclusion in "things Subaru should have built." » 10/14/13 2:51pm 10/14/13 2:51pm