The Ten Most Bizarre Motor Races In The World

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If it can be raced, people will race it. If you don't already know that statement to be true, these ten bonkers competitions will surely change your mind.

10.) School Bus Racing

School buses: they're huge and they're slow. You wouldn't think a school bus would make a great race car, but their size and speed are the exact reasons why they run so well. Things get especially great when you put them on a figure eight.


Suggested By: pfttballer

9.) Snowmobile Water Drag Racing

This is how I imagine this race was created: "Say Jim, I'd really love to drag race my snowmobile but it's the middle of July." "Why does that need to stop us? Lets do it on water!" And lo, we have snowmobile water drag racing. It's put on by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, and I'm very tempted to go to their next race.


Suggested By: John The Race Fan

8.) Combine Harvester Racing

These things are great bouncing around the track with smoke billowing out the top. Combine Harvesters also make for excellent demolition derbies.


Suggested By: ginga bloke

7.) Piaggio Ape Racing

Piaggio Apes small, three-wheeled work vehicles found in Europe (and in Thailand as the Tuk-Tuk and everywhere else as whatever they call 'em). Add a tubular frame and a souped-up motorcycle engine and you get something radically different than the original's intended purpose.


Suggested By: mike89

6.) Belt Sander Racing

You know what the world really needs? More drag racing series for power tools. The Belt Sander Racing Association (BSRA) has the right idea here.


Suggested By: Poundingsand

5.) Bar Stool Racing

It's like a go-kart but you sit up higher? Honestly, I'm not really sure but I know I'm enjoying the hell out of this.


Suggested By: Mister Hotshot

4.) Power Racing Series

Don't let the normal sounding name deceive you, this is a race comprised entirely of Power Wheels cars. The budget is $500 and the results are awesome/hilarious. Our man Travis went to check a race out last year and drove the winning car which had regenerative braking and a 45 minute battery life. American ingenuity at it's finest.


Suggested By: Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin

3.) Boat Trailer Racing

The rules of boat trailer racing are simple. Every car has a trailer with a boat attached to it and drivers must finish with at least some of their trailer intact. There's an absolutely hysterical amount of boat/car/trailer carnage here.


Suggested By: $kaycog

2.) Figure Eight Train Racing

Three cars are chained together in this race. The one in front has a driver with the engine and steering, the one in the middle has no driver, and the one in the back has the brakes. Oh, and they run on figure eight tracks. Who the hell in their right mind thought of this?


Suggested By: reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it's ear

1.) Reverse Racing

Arguably the simplest premise here, with the most hysterical results. Drive backwards and let the chaos begin. Also add jumps to the course because why not?


Suggested By: ginga bloke

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