Two wheels good? Not with these mods.

10.) License Plate Obscurers


If you’re riding in such a reckless fashion where those around you want to call you in and report you, I guess this might just be the best option for you. Just hide your plate so police and other motorists can’t identify you!

Also an easy way to spot riders that have plans to ride like a complete ass.

Suggested By: PhilMills_Forgot_His_Burner_Key, Photo Credit: Wild Hare via Flickr

9.) Chassis Lighting


Distracting to those around the bike, often ugly, lack style and most of all are just unnecessary. It’s like tuner street-glow but 10 times worse.

Suggested By: ZSpool, Photo Credit: Isaac Summerville via Flickr

8.) Tailgunner Exhaust


Ever wanted to go for that extra 007 look on your Harley? Now’s your chance!

Suggested By: GrannyShifter, Photo Credit:

7.) Get Back Whips


The supporters of Get Back Whips often claim its a useful tool to show their club’s colors or to keep other motorists aware of the bikes existence on a roadway, but many law enforcement agencies seem to have another stance. Law enforcement agencies around the United States commonly look at Get Back Whips as a weapon and may actually take legal action to those riding with these accessories. Is it worth the risk?

Suggested By: DMCVegas, Photo Credit: phantom-wrench via eBay

6.) Motorcycle Stereos


Some more sound on top of your already blaring straight-pipes? Yeah, no thanks.

Suggested By: 450X_FTW, Photo Credit: Pacific Stereo

5.) Hidden Turn Signals


Because other motorists don’t have enough trouble spotting you and predicting your moves on roadways already, so why not just make it impossible!

Suggested By: PhilMills_Forgot_His_Burner_Key, Photo Credit: Louie Baur via Flickr


4.) Front Brake Delete


For any sort of public-road driving, this is surely one of the most dangerous mods you can make to a motorcycle. What’s the point then? Aesthetics? Yeah, okay.

Suggested By: burro president, Photo Credit: andrew hutchison via Flickr

3.) Automatic Flashing Headlights


I get it. We all get it. It’s incredibly important for motorcyclists to be seen, especially at night. But is the best way to make sure of that by annoying other drivers until they just let you pass them?

Suggested By: clutchshiftington, Photo Credit: torbakhopper via Flickr

2.) Ape Hangers


Why would people install a mod on their bike that is officially marketed as an “ape hanger?” Does that name not deter you enough? And surely it can’t be safe to drape your arms all the way up in the air and over those extended handlebars.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of , Photo Credit: rone350 via Youtube

1.) Loud Pipes


Blaring down a residential street in the middle of the night? Blasting between lanes? Revving excessively at traffic lights? If you’re going to have this annoying mod, at least be considerate and respectful with it.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Chris Hsia via Flickr


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