In honor of the 2008 Summer Olympics we've decided to dip into our extensive knowledge of the Chinese auto industry to pick out the most amazing cars and trucks from the industrial manufacturing giant. It's kind of like a Chinese car bingo cheat sheet for you to use if you're heading to Beijing this week. Some are cars or concepts that represent the unique design and spirit of China, others are horrible attempts to copy interpretations of western models and at least one has Gullwing doors. If we missed your favorite, drop us a comment below.

10.) Brilliance FRV

9.) CH Design Scorpio


8.) Lifan Mini Cooper Knock-Off

7.) Brilliance BC3


6.) MG TF Police Convertible

5.) BYD F6 Hybrid


4.) BAW B60 Jeep

3. Volkswagen Santana


2. Geely GT

1. Gullwing Amphibous Santana


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