The Ten Greatest Comeback Cars Ever

In the automotive industry, comebacks do not come often nor easily. Here are the 10 greatest comeback cars.

10.) Mini


Production was carried over a 41 year span by several different automotive manufacturers across the world, but Mini was brought into the new century with BMW’s makeover and full redesign in 2001. With this brand makeover and rollout of a fully modernized Mini, BMW brought the Mini brand into the 21st century and set a track for a full model line roll-out and further global brand growth.

We’re not nuts about some of their derivatives, but you have to admit they’re thriving these days.

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9.) Ford GT


The Ford GT will always be recognized as one of the best cars of the 2000s, and for good reason. Not only is the GT a performance car of epic stature, it represents where Ford has been as well as some of the most important days of motorsport history.

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8.) Chevrolet Camaro, 5th Generation


After an eight year hiatus from the fourth generation model and years of delays, the Camaro made a strong return globally. With widely respected modernized styling and by releasing powerful track-friendly models, such as the Z28 and the SS 1LE, GM proved that the Camaro was no longer just your favorite uncle’s weekend grocery getter or the rental counter special, but now a serious contender in the performance car sector.

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7.) Tesla Model S


The Model S turned it all around for Tesla. As a company that was basically known for selling Lotuses full of laptop batteries, Tesla realistically would have never grown to be a serious player in the automotive industry. That has completely changed with the Model S. I can’t go three blocks in New York City without seeing one, and I understand why. The Model S is safe, quick, versatile and an all around great car, no matter how you spec it. Cheers, Tesla.

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6.) C5 Corvette


After seeing improvements in nearly every way possible, the production C5 Corvette was the best the world had seen from The General at the time. A real performance car and a worthy successor to the Corvette legacy. Thankfully, the growth of Corvette didn’t stop there.


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5.) BMW 2-Series


The 228i is arguably the closest thing to BMW’s roots that they have on sale today. Gracious but usable power sent to the rear wheels, tight handling, spacious interior and that never-aging BMW grin. This is a recipe for an exciting car and a great daily driver.

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4.) Jaguar F-Type


The F-Type is not only an undeniably great car, it also has driven Jaguar’s change of brand image, and set the stage for their future to come. Jaguar’s #GoodToBeBad campaign would be nothing without the F-Type’s growling exhaust and fierce design cues. This is also probably the first Jaguar I’ve seriously been attracted to in nearly 40 years, not including the XJ220, of course.

Mmmmmm, XJ220...


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3.) Scion FR-S


In 2002 when Scion first launched, they were marketing neat little cars that markets weren’t really familiar with, especially the American market. But they were different and it seemed to work. That all become old, real quick. The FR-S brought them back into the game. A well-styled, edgy, performance car that youths could actually enjoy.

More like this, Scion. Please.

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2.) McLaren MP4-12C


The MP4-12C was McLaren’s serious return to production roadcars, and a good one at that. Though they weren’t picking up where they left off with the McLaren F1, it’s incredible that a company that hasn’t produced roadcars in over ten cars, can jump right back into the game and show up with a truly competitive 458, R8 and Gallardo rival.

Now, with the P1, 650S and 570S, McLaren is expanding their lineup even further. I can’t wait to see what will come next.


Suggested By: Mathias Rios, Photo Credit: McLaren via Jalopnik


1.) ND Mazda Miata


I’m not going to say that Mazda has ever lost their touch with the Miata, but, there is no denying that the Miata was growing away from it’s original small, lightweight, friendly design. The ND is smaller, more nimble, and feels more like a Miata than anything we’ve seen in almost twenty years.

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