The Ten Greatest Cars That We're Surprised Exist

We have no idea why these cars exist in the first place, but we're just thankful they do.

10.) Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet


Whoever thought of making a convertible version of the Nissan Murano was off their rocker, but not quite as crazy as whoever approved the thing. Still though, they took the boring Murano and made it great.

Suggested By: Will Alibrandi aka Turbineguy, Photo Credit: Nissan

9.) Mercedes-Benz R63 AMG

Mercedes' R-Class minivan was probably a bad idea to begin with. Giving it a 500 hp 6.2 liter V8 was certifiable, but Mercedes did it anyway. The insanity didn't translate into sales, but it did give the world one of the greatest minivans it will ever see.

Suggested By: jidoshaojisan, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

8.) Cadillac CTS-V Wagon


The CTS-V Coupe and Sedan made sense to compete with the M5/E63 and the like, but the wagon? Nope, and yet GM still put it on sale with a proper manual transmission. Thank you, Bob Lutz.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, SHAZAM!, Photo Credit: Travis Okulski

7.) Morgan 3 Wheeler


The Morgan trike made plenty of sense in pre-war England, but absolutely no sense in the 2010s. Morgan brought the 3 Wheeler in 2011 and it became the best selling car in their lineup. It's one of the coolest cars you can for sale today, and you can actually buy one in America!

Suggested By: King Ginger, Blue Shell 2 Knee, Photo Credit: David Merrett

6.) Renault Clio V6


Mid-engined, rear wheel drive, V6 hatchback that wasn't a homologation special. Whatever drugs Renault was taking, I want 'em.

Suggested By: Bluecold, Photo Credit: Renault

5.) Volkswagen Phaeton


Volkswagen had no reason to create a luxury car, let alone one as sublimely luxurious as the Phaeton. No one knew they were basically missing out on a bargain priced Bentley Flying Spur and instead bought inferior S-Classes, and A8s.

Suggested By: Ash78, Rock the Slushbox, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

4.) Chevrolet El Camino


Back in '58 Chevy didn't really have any reason to bring out the El Camino to compete with the Ford Ranchero since even the Ford didn't sell all that well. Chevy did it regardless. Thus, one of the greatest GM models of all time was born.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

3.) Dodge Charger Hellcat


Whoever approved a 707 horsepower, 204 MPH family sedan that can be bought for around $60k needs serious help. More than its Challenger sibling, the Charger makes no sense whatsoever and we love Dodge for putting it on sale.

Suggested By: RazoE, Photo Credit: Dodge

2.) Ferrari FF


The Ferrari FF is the sort of car you couldn't make up – no one would have believed that Ferrari would have made an AWD station wagon and yet they did. It's the most un-Ferrari thing they could have made, but you can't help but love it.

Suggested By: DJHerbert, Photo Credit: Axion23

1.) Mazda Miata


"Excuse me? The best-selling sports car of all time is number one on this list?" Yes, it is. You see, Mazda didn't really have any reason to put the Miata on the market – the market for roadsters was all but dead by 1989, but they took a chance and knocked the ball out of the park.

It was a sales hit, but it's sort of unbelievable to think they actually took the risk of putting it on sale when they did.


Suggested By: damthisburnershitsux, Photo Credit: Mazda

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Top Photo Credit: Dodge

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