The Ten Funniest Racing Videos

Last week we asked you to show us the funniest racing videos of all time, in honor of poor Samir and his co-driver who couldn't seem to get it together. These ten videos are a monument to screw-ups and general hilarity.

10.) Darrell Waltrip's Australian "Geological Oddity"

Darrell Waltrip spent many years racing in NASCAR, so maybe he's having a hard time understanding real amounts of downforce and real speed through a tight corner. Even still, you'd think he'd never sat in a real race car before getting into the passenger seat in an Australian V8 Supercar. Choice quotes include:

That is impossible!

That just can't be done!

I just lost my lunch! I didn't have any!

This is a geological oddity!

This is CRAZY.

Suggested By: jbmadness


9.) GP2 Drivers Teach Us What "Not Racing" Is

Ladies and gentlemen, your Formula One stars of the future.

Suggested By: pond-side-over

8.) Riccardo Patrese Loves His Wife

It what must be the most romantic video ever for Italian racing drivers, Riccardo Patrese took his wife out for a bit of a lap in a Honda Civic Type-R around Jerez. His wife's own choice quotes include:



Like I said, Italian.

Suggested By: HowdyHowdyHowdy


7.) Irish Rally Traffic

Starting at about 1:30, all hell breaks loose. At least from their mouths.

Suggested By: bobrayner



Contrary to popular belief, this is not Mark Webber chasing Sebastian Vettel.


Suggested By: tbp0701


5.) Runaway Dancing Bikes

I just got an idea for a new sport.

Suggested By: FreddsterExprs


4.) "I'm Seventh!"

Racing drivers have a lot of nightmares like this one.

Suggested By: PeteRR


3.) The Wheel Just Wants To Be With Its Friends

Can you blame the wheel?

Suggested By: saabstory


2.) You Ever Feel Like You're Forgetting Something?

Like, I don't know, your CO-DRIVER?

Suggested By: $kaycog


1.) The True Meaning Of "Pit Stop"

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Suggested By: techinsanity2011


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Lets Just Drive

I've heard some very wrongheaded comments about the video in the #4 spot and I'd just like to say, by way of a C&P from another thread, the following:

Brain dead marshaling? I think not!

On race day, under the flag, the Marshal is god. If he or she deems you go ahead, in error or not, you go ahead and let the Stewards handle the mess. You do not think that you know better then the Marshal, even if you do, but instead assume that whatever you thought, right or wrong, is shit compared to what the Marshal is saying.

I feel for this guy, I do. But when the Marshal waved him out, he should have went. And once on the track, at the back of the field, he should have kept his position through the pace lap before taking positions as doing so could have endangered other racers. He got shafted, there's no disputing that, but he shafted himself in all honesty - even when they're wrong, the Marshal is right up until a Steward says otherwise.

Furthermore, have you ever played Marshal at a track day? Have you ever, alongside others volunteering their time (for the most part) put your safety on the line so that others could enjoy a spot of fun? Have you done so in the blazing sun? All day long? Contending with the ego's and attitudes of racecar drivers? No? Then I suggest you reserve your judgements on this Marshal and others until you have. And please note that for every mistake a Marshal may make, they do a thousand things to keep the day in order and everyone as safe as possible.

Long story short; do what the Marshal tells you.

In the end, Zalner didn't get his ticket singed because he didn't do as instructed. Much like the military, you'll often land yourself in trouble knowing better than your superiors.