Last week we asked you to show us the funniest racing videos of all time, in honor of poor Samir and his co-driver who couldn't seem to get it together. These ten videos are a monument to screw-ups and general hilarity.


10.) Darrell Waltrip's Australian "Geological Oddity"

Darrell Waltrip spent many years racing in NASCAR, so maybe he's having a hard time understanding real amounts of downforce and real speed through a tight corner. Even still, you'd think he'd never sat in a real race car before getting into the passenger seat in an Australian V8 Supercar. Choice quotes include:

That is impossible!

That just can't be done!

I just lost my lunch! I didn't have any!

This is a geological oddity!

This is CRAZY.

Suggested By: jbmadness


9.) GP2 Drivers Teach Us What "Not Racing" Is

Ladies and gentlemen, your Formula One stars of the future.

Suggested By: pond-side-over

8.) Riccardo Patrese Loves His Wife

It what must be the most romantic video ever for Italian racing drivers, Riccardo Patrese took his wife out for a bit of a lap in a Honda Civic Type-R around Jerez. His wife's own choice quotes include:



Like I said, Italian.

Suggested By: HowdyHowdyHowdy


7.) Irish Rally Traffic

Starting at about 1:30, all hell breaks loose. At least from their mouths.

Suggested By: bobrayner



Contrary to popular belief, this is not Mark Webber chasing Sebastian Vettel.


Suggested By: tbp0701


5.) Runaway Dancing Bikes

I just got an idea for a new sport.

Suggested By: FreddsterExprs


4.) "I'm Seventh!"

Racing drivers have a lot of nightmares like this one.

Suggested By: PeteRR


3.) The Wheel Just Wants To Be With Its Friends

Can you blame the wheel?

Suggested By: saabstory


2.) You Ever Feel Like You're Forgetting Something?

Like, I don't know, your CO-DRIVER?

Suggested By: $kaycog


1.) The True Meaning Of "Pit Stop"

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Suggested By: techinsanity2011


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