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The Funniest Racing Videos Of All Time

Racing can be serious, adrenaline-fueled mayhem that can be incredibly dangerous. Sometimes, though, we get really lucky and it's incredibly hilarious. Like this clip of Timo Rautiainen encountering some, shall we say, "structural" issues in the middle of a race.


Thankfully, Timo wasn't seriously injured, and yesterday brought us a particularly funny video when poor Samir decided to try a spot of rallying. Unfortunately, his co-driver didn't think he was quite up to snuff, and proceeded to berate him the entire time. Then again, it sounded like his co-driver feared for his life. Either way, though, we all won out when those two produced pure comedy gold.


So what do you think is the funniest racing video of all time? Show us below in the comments!

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Rallying in Ireland. It gets better from about 1:30...