One of the joys of growing up is learning how to drive and completely ignoring any and all instructions we're given. Usually this sort of thing occurs in a parking lot, and not a rally special stage. When it does occur on a rally special stage, though, the end result is absolutely hilarious.

Some choice quotes from this choice driving lesson:

You have to turn the wheel!

Sharp left! Sharp left! SHARP LEFT!!!

Medium right, c'mon Sammy. Please.

Medium left long. Medium left long! LONG!!! Long! Long! LONG!! TURN IN!

Medium left MEDIUM LEFT!!! Listen to my calls!

Sammy. You have to listen Sammy. Otherwise it is not working.

Samir, you are breaking the car!

Finally, Samir just gets fed up:

Shut up. Don't tell me how to drive.

The mix of pleading, begging, patronizing advice, pure terror and hatred make this quite possibly the funniest racing video I have ever seen. If rally could always be like this, it would be the most popular sport in the world.

H/t to Onehotlap!