Don’t try these at home.

10.) Car Pulled By hair

Growing up as a child with long, curly hair, I understand the frustration of having people and various objects yank on my hair, but apparently, He Yi Qun out of Jiangyin, China doesn’t mind. In fact, he doesn’t mind so much that he now holds the record for the heaviest vehicle pulled solely by hair.

Suggested By: Mojoker5, Video: Previous record holder shown

9.) Car Walking

If I were “Europe’s Strongest Man,” you would definitely find me walking around wearing VWs and huge rocks and what not. Why not?


Suggested By: claydos66

8.) 48 Second Engine Swap

It took my friend and I almost two straight days to unsuccessfully swap an engine in one of my cars. I envy these people.


Suggested By: RazoE

7.) Changing Wheels While Driving

First off, can we count how many people are hanging off the side of that FJ? Four? Five? Did they lose one? I don’t understand why this would ever need to be attempted, but you know. Us humans, right? Always trying to revolutionize and innovate.


Looks like one hell of a ride.

Suggested By: Mr. Flareside

6.) Handcuffed To Moving Car

This video which is supposed to show some sort of magic trick shows some fella nearly getting his arm ripped off. How dumb was this guy to have consented to this “trick”? Stupid and dangerous.


Suggested By: unhcampus

5.) People Crammed In A Smart Car

Haven’t you ever wondered how many people you could stuff into a Smart Car?

This might even be Smart’s most notable selling point for their cars.

Suggested By: Skinnayyyy

4.) Jumping Over Cars

This might be dumb, but that doesn’t mean it’s unimpressive! From getting the timing right to nailing the jump height, there’s a lot that has to be calculated when performing stunts like this, and a lot that can go wrong.


Suggested By: $kaycog

3.) “Iron Crotch”

Iron Crotch over here can pull massive amounts of weight straight through his lower waist area. Ladies love him, men fear him. If he keeps going with this, he could probably make a living doing roadside assistance.


Suggested By: Hermann

2.) Getting Run Over, Purposely, By Trucks, Multiple Times

Local Birmingham, Alabama celebrity Tom Owen loves letting things run him over. Why? I have no idea. But it sure as hell is entertaining.


Suggested By: Daily Drives a dragon

1.) Balancing A Car On Your Head

If I could balance a car on my head, I would probably be doing it all the time. But I can’t, so I don’t. Don’t try this at home.


Suggested By: POD

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Top Photo Credit: Al Drifter via Youtube