For many, having a car while in college is a luxury. For some, having a luxury car while in college is another fact of life. Here are Jalopnik readers' picks for the campuses with the hottest student rides.

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Photo Credit of Ferrari Superamerica at Tuck University: Jason Lawrence


10.) Babson College

Suggested By: UnalteredTruth

Why it's such a driving school: This Massachusetts business school is THE place for global entrepreneurs, and the student parking lots reflect a lot of condensed family (and maybe individual) success. It's not just the cars; arrivals by private helicopter are said to be pretty normal occurrences.


Photo Credit: C.C. Chapman

9.) Michigan State University

Suggested By: Therage

Why it's such a driving school: This East Lansing powerhouse has student rides that do justice to alumni that include the Editor-in-Chief of the greatest auto-culture site on the Web (and a decent basketball player now and then). The campus gets snow, so the upscale end of the very car-centric student body prefers all-wheel-drive rides like the two notable ones here.


Photo Credit: Therage


8.) University of British Columbia

Suggested By: wheatieboy

Why it's such a driving school: A convenient alternative to American schools for wealthy Asian families, the student body at the Vancouver institution defies the homespun non-showy temperament of most Canucks with a steadily rotating cast of fast machinery. While this may just be the status quo there, we can't help but wonder if the UBC kids aren't in competition with their younger peers at nearby St. George's.


Photo Credit: Kardboard


7.) Trinity University

Suggested By: mingoesbueno

Why it's such a driving school: San Antonio's Trinity University is sort of an alternative reality version of Rice University that maybe isn't as academically heavy as its opposite but is definitely great at bringing the cash. In its annual survey of best colleges, the Princeton Review goes out of its way to note the big-buck content of Trinity's parking lots.


Photo Credit:

6.) New York University

Suggested By: nibby4WD

Why it's such a driving school: The Greenwich Village mainstay has made significant progress in shifting its image from libertine excess to academic respectability, which has in turn started to attract more foreign students and others with cash to spare. The tight streets below Union Square aren't natural territory for Murciélagos and 458s, but they're there on a regular basis.


Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

5.) Oxford University

Suggested By: Jagvar

Why it's such a driving school: Still the default choice for many formerly under the rule of the Crown, the ultra-venerable (over nine hundred years old) institution has seen the usually bicycle-heavy roadways and car parks clogged with machinery driven by the offspring of wealthy entrepreneurs and kids from petrostates.


Photo Credit: Dave Emmett

4.) University of Southern California

Suggested By: For Sweden

Why it's such a driving school: Southern California is still the center of car culture in America, so it's no real surprise that a school of rich kids located there has flashy rides to spare. Plenty of foreign students add their own choices to the mix, as well. The University of Spoiled Children isn't just about the rides, either, as this interesting little documentary makes clear.


Photo Credit: joe.climan


3.) Pepperdine

Suggested By: Straightsix 9904

Why it's such a driving school: Take all of what we just said about the Trojans, drain off some of the bro factor and replace with some starchy conservatism and even more money, and you understand why a large number of commenters maintain that this California school has the parking lot to match its palatial grounds.


Photo Credit: Germ√°n Parra

2.) Southern Methodist University

Suggested By: DaltonColonel

Why it's such a driving school: Before there was the Mideast, there was Texas, and flashy rides are just as much a part of the culture in Dallas as in Dubai. SMU may have a mustang as a mascot, but its student rides range far upscale from Flat Rock's finest.


We had repeat mentions of not just this orange Gallardo, but the girl who drives it as well.

Photo Credit: DaltonColonel


1.) University of Dubai/American University in Dubai

Suggested By: ChiefPontiaxe

Why it's such a driving school: Why bother with the hassle of going to school overseas when you can stay at home with all the other overprivileged young exoticar owners? The tiny emirate hosts two schools whose parking lots are just as indicative of the insane amount of money that courses through everyday life as any other street in Dubai. One photo cannot possibly do justice to the armada of top-shelf cars on hand, but this page gives a pretty good general idea of the situation.


Photo Credit: Liz Lawley