Mounties impound 13 supercars from rich kid street race

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How are 13 drivers in Canada with enough money to pilot a $2 million collection of supercars dumb enough to go street racing in broad daylight on a work day? The answer: They were just clowning around after high school.


Mounties in Vancouver, British Columbia, impounded the 13 supercars on Wednesday following a fast and furious display on a public freeway. The cars, including an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and a Nissan GT-R, will be held for seven days under Canada's tough laws against reckless driving.

One thing the cars had in common: Green "N" stickers in their rear windshields, meaning their drivers were still moving through the stages of British Columbia's graduated driver's licenses and up to a year away from having an unrestricted license. Most of the drivers pictured in video below being questioned by mounties are 16 or 17 years old.

And what kind of high school has a parking lot that rivals the Mall of the Emirates? Only the best in North America — namely, St. George's School, a boarding academy that draws children of wealthy parents from around the world. Everyone wants the best for their children, but teen-agers don't need to learn driving skills with 400 hp under their feet. Thus ends the most expensive Afterschool Special ever.

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Matt Brown

It seems like everything's gone wrong since Canada came along.