These Are The Insanely Expensive Cars That GWU Students Drive

Students at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. don't just complain about easy grades, they also drive cars so nice you'd think their campus was the parking lot of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. In the photo composite above is about $1.2 million worth of automobiles allegedly belonging to college students.


Do your best not to hate them.

There will always be haves and have-nots at any college, but the selection of cars cataloged by the new Tumblr account The Cars Of The George Washington University is slightly ridiculous.

The five cars collected above include a Mercedes SLS AMG ($183,000), a McLaren SLR McLaren 722 S Roadster ($548,000), a Ferrari 575 Superamerica ($320,000), an Audi R8 V10 Spyder ($165,000) and a BMW X5 M in the background ($87,250). And all that's assuming the buyers didn't pay a lot of money for extras.

Not only are these cars expensive, they're also extremely rare. There were only 559 of the Ferraris sold worldwide and just 150 of the SLR 722 S Roadsters.


Flaunting your exotic car is all part of the scene at GWU according to BroBible:

The biggest day to show off your ride at GWU is on Thursday. There are no parties on campus, so the student body hits the three nearby night clubs: Josephine, Shadowroom, and Opera, "where these kids go every week and each spend between $200-$5,000 a night three days a week on table service and bottles." Acccording to our tipster, these clubs boast the campus's craziest car line up, "where they pay $40 to valet the cars in front."


It shouldn't be that big of a surprise given that tuition is $44,103 with an additional $14,000 or so in room/board and other costs.

The GWU Cars website has only been up since February 16th and there are already three pages full of cars that would stand out in a country club parking lot.


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