The Ten Cars With The Most Pompous Names

Automakers can try all they want to distract consumers with flamboyant model names, but sometimes, it’s just too much.

10.) Buick Park Avenue


When I hear the words “Park Avenue”, I think of doormen, money, Range Rovers, yellow New York taxi cabs and spoiled New York prep school children. I don’t think of this very undesirable Buick sedan.

Suggested By: FlimFlamMan , Photo Credit: Dennis Elzinga via Flickr

9.) Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a great minivan, but I’m not so sure that the name necessarily matches the role. Reader Megamullin gets it:

As a father of three, I get it. Life with kids is an adventure! Right?

But can you really compare middle-class suburban people-mover’s trips to and from schoolhouses to a near-biblical journey in which you fight against mythical creatures and even the gods themselves in an effort to return home after a legendary war? Methinks not, oh bard of cars. Honda’s been getting a pass on this name for way too long. Nobody even questions the craziness any more.


Suggested By: Megamullin, Photo Credit: Honda via Jalopnik

8.) Suzuki Esteem


One of the best ways to claim self-importance and to make people believe you is to start telling people that you are indeed, important. Right? This is what Suzuki did with the Esteem. But there is nothing esteemed about this car.

Suggested By: Fl1ingstam, Photo Credit: sully213 via Flickr

7.) Ford Aspire


By naming a car ‘Aspire’, it gives off the impression that those around it should aspire to be more like it. Why would anyone want to do that?

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Eric via Flickr

6.) Chevrolet Cavalier


The definition of ‘cavalier’ is to show lack of general concern and be downright careless. Well, that and it’s also a breed of small Spanish dog. This Cavalier though is probably closer to the latter.

Suggested By: ♥ Miss Mercedes ∞ smart Expert ♥, Photo Credit: order_242

5.) Buick Roadmaster


Back in the day, there’s no doubt that families equipped with Buick Roadmasters clocked in tons of miles on road trips and family outings, but I would’t go as far as to say that they ‘mastered roads’.

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: order_242 via Flickr

4.) Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport


Not sure which celebrities are riding in this bad boy, or how many of them are being driven around Europe in a sporty fashion. Who was Chevrolet seriously trying to convince with this type of branding?

Suggested By: McSeanerson, Photo Credit: Ryanandlenny via Wikipedia

3.) Acura Legend


Please Acura, go ahead and tell me what exactly made this car a ‘legend’. I know you guys wanted to break ground with your then new Acura brand and your flashy new flagship sedan, but let’s not push it.

Beats the hell out of RLX, at any rate.

Suggested By: burglar can’t heart click anything, Photo Credit: Greg Gjerdingen via Flickr


2.) Smart Fortwo


Yes, Smart is a acronym for Swatch Mercedes Art, but who actually knows that or what that means? If you’re going to market a car as a ‘Smart’ car, give it artificial intelligence or something. Maybe Daimler could have licensed that dashboard robot head technology from Nissan, that would’ve be pretty neat.

Suggested By: 472CID , Photo Credit: Smart

1.) Ferrari LaFerrari


The Ferrari, The Ferrari. What else more is there to say?

Suggested By: Vin, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Smart

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