We hate these cars so much we want to send them back. And when deport these cars from the US, then we'll have more room to import Skyline GT-Rs! That's how it works, right?

10.) Volkswagen Eos

If you need an example of the hubris of Volkswagen in America, look no further than the Eos. Why they thought anyone would want a $36k hardtop, FWD convertible is well beyond me, so lets ship it off and bring in the Golf R Sportwagen instead.


If VW wants to bring a car to America that no one will buy, at least make it cool.

Suggested By: matthew_not, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

9.) Toyota Venza

Toyota crossbred a Camry and a Highlander and somehow made a car more boring than both. I can't hate Toyota for not making a Camry wagon, since you know, they want to sell cars, but damn is this dull. We're willing to strip its citizenship (it's built in Kentucky), denaturalize it, and send it away.

At least the Honda Crosstour is bizarre, so it's got that going for it.

Suggested By: congo, Photo Credit: Toyota

8.) Chevrolet Trax

Yes, it makes sense that Chevy is bringing this tiny crossover to America but why would you buy this when you could have a Jeep Renegade, a Mazda CX-3, or even a Nissan Juke.

The Trax is "meh" in car form.

Suggested By: TekamulBurner, Photo Credit: Patrick George/Jalopnik

7.) Lexus LX

Can someone please explain to me why you'd spend the extra $3k to have this over a Land Cruiser? I guess for some people the grille of the Toyota isn't quite pointy enough.

Suggested By: 472CID, Photo Credit:

6.) BMW 5-Series GT

At the risk of sounding like a stereotypical autojournalist, BMW, please just bring over the 5-Series Wagon. I like a weird hatchback, but the GT isn't all that practical, and it certainly isn't beautiful.

Suggested By: zacarious, Photo Credit: BMW

5.) Scion xB

The first-gen xB was cool in a JDM (yo) sort of way; even the legendary Tiff Needell approved. Then, Scion made the second-gen boring as hell, and kind of pointless, like the rest of the Scion brand.


Actually, you know what? Let's get rid of all Scions, slap a proper Toyota badge on the FR-S and call it a day.

Suggested By: Stapleface, Photo Credit: Scion

4.) Fiat 500L

We love the Fiat 500 around here, particularly in Abarth form, but Fiat completely missed the mark with the 500L. The especially annoying thing is that they could have simply brought the lovable Panda over.

Suggested By: ShinyBadGuys, Photo Credit: Fiat

3.) Volkswagen Jetta

When Volkswagen started chasing impossible sales targets, the "americanized" cars they brought here really started to suck. VW, don't try to be Toyota. Just be VW.

Suggested By: jbonekleinfeld, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

2.) MINI Coupe

Why would anyone want a less practical MINI designed to look like a douchey bro? Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't want my car to look like someone whose idea of a fun Saturday night is shotgunning Keystone Light with the boys.

And besides, those guys aren't going to buy MINIs anyway: they all drive Wranglers.

Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: MINI

1.) Honda CR-Z

The CR-Z is the definitive example of how lame Honda has become. They used to make some of the best, most interesting cars in the world, and now? They're merely competent.


The CR-Z should have been great: we expected a small, efficient, fun hatchback in the spirit of the legendary CRX, but all we got was a huge disappointment.

Suggested By: M.L. Lapid, Photo Credit: Honda

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Top Photo Credit: MINI