The Ten Best Racing Passes

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When it comes to racing passes, most get right to business without anything spectacular; others are just stupefyingly awesome. Here's our list of our ten favorite racing passes.

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10.) J.P. Montoya v. Christian Klien

Suggested by: Spiegel

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : This is a move J.P. Montoya pulls on Christian Klien at the 2004 European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. Montoya is in the Williams-BMW; he had qualified 8th for the race but found himself behind Klien after pit stops. Montoya easily passes what looks like a Minardi, but is unable to pass Klien in the Jaguar. Montoya is faster than Klien but is unable to pass until turn 17, the Coca-Cola Kurve, where Montoya takes Klien on the inside and powers up the straight. It takes balls to pass up the inside, and this is another reminder of Montoya's fortitude.

9.) Valentino Rossi v. Jorge Lorenzo

Suggested by: Charline Touchard

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : Valentino Rossi won the 2009 Catalan Motorcycle Grand Prix by passing his Yamaha teammate Jorge Lorenzo with only two laps remaining. The Doctor started first but on the second to last lap, Lorenzo easily passes Rossi down the straight. Lorenzo moves over to the left on the racing line and starts to take turn one, when Rossi charges in like a madman on the outside to pass Lorenzo into the Elf corner. The battle continues and Lorenzo is able to pass Rossi on the straight again; this time he maintains position through turn one. It seems like Rossi has to settle for second place, but then Rossi is able to pass Lorenzo on the inside for the race finish. Rossi beat Lorenzo by 0.095 seconds.

8.) Nelson Piquet v. Ayrton Senna

Suggested by: hawi51

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : At the 1986 Hungarian Grand Prix, Nelson Piquet is able to overtake Senna after a failed attempt in previous laps and go on to win the race. Senna had taken the pole, and this was a crucial win for Piquet, who was only one point away from Senna in the standings. This is one of the most beautiful passes you will ever see. It's very similar to Button's pass at Brazil that helped him win the world championship, except with infinitely more flair. Piquet comes into turn one hot and passes Senna on the outside; on top of this he gets two handfuls of oppositelock, locks up the rear tires, and hammers himself into first place.

7.) Senna passes 4 cars in the wet

Suggested by: ThatDamnDrunk

Why It's A Spectacular Pass :The 1993 European Grand Prix at Donnington park started out very wet with Alain Prost's Williams on pole. This, of course, infuriated Ayrton Senna and he drove one of the most dominant races of his career. Senna started in 5th and quickly passed everyone almost immediately. He went past Schumacher and then Michael Andretti after the third turn. Senna passed Damon Hill at turn 8 and finally took the lead from Prost at turn 10, the hairpin. It seemed as if Senna was driving on a dry track and some good decisions helped him win by almost a full lap.

6.) Nigel Mansell v. Ayrton Senna

Suggested by: jbh11126

Why It's A Spectacular Pass :Ricardo Patrese was on pole for the 1989 Hungarian Grand Prix and Ayrton Senna was next to him. Nigel Mansell was in 12th after having a horrendous qualifying session. Mansell quickly worked his way up the ranks and was sitting in third behind Senna. Patrese then began to develop problems and started to go very slowly. That's when Senna started to go around Patrese and Mansell pulled out even further and went around Senna. Mansell eventually won the race.

5.) Michael Schumacher v. Mika Häkkinen

Suggested by: smackela

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : Häkkinen had managed pole position for the 2000 Belgian Grand Prix and Schumacher was down in 4th position. It had rained on race day which caused the two cars ahead of Schumacher to crash and after a spin from Häkkinen, Schumacher was able to pass and take first place. Nearing the end of the race, Häkkinen looked much faster than Schumacher and was getting closer and closer going up Eau Rouge. Finally, Häkkinen is able to pass Schumacher at Le Combs when Schumacher goes left to pass Ricardo Zonta and Häkkinen goes right, taking the inside line for first.

4.) Risi Competizione Ferrari v. Flying Lizard Porsche

Suggested by: Jackie

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : The 2007 12 Hours of Sebring is quite a long affair to watch all at once, but it always delivers in terms of racing excitement. The GT2 class battle for first had come down to the last lap. The Risi Ferrari was on quickly degrading tires and was going slower than the Flying Lizard Porsche. The Porsche is able to pass the Ferrari for first in class, but the Ferrari is hot on the Porsche's tail. At the last corner the Ferrari gives the Porsche a love tap and pushes him into the wall to take the lead back and win the race.

3.) Alex Zanardi v. Bryan Herta

Suggested by: rawtoast

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca is a legendary corner. It's much steeper than it appears on television and has been a place where few pass. It seems that Valentino Rossi took a page from Alex Zanardi's book when he passed Casey Stoner around the Corkscrew. At the CART 1996 Monterey Grand Prix, Zanardi passed Bryan Herta on the Corkscrew for the race win. This maneuver, known as The Pass, was subsequently banned in future races.

2.) Gilles Villeneuve v. Rene Arnoux

Suggested by: stuntdriver

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : This takes place at the 1979 French Grand Prix, where the French Rene Arnoux in the French Renault must win in front of his home crowd. I'll let Jeremy Clarkson explain this one; just watch the video.

1.) Corvette Racing v. Flying Lizard Porsche

Suggested by: crossdrilled

Why It's A Spectacular Pass : The Flying Lizard Porsches were leading in the last moments of the last race of the 2009 ALMS season at Laguna Seca. The new GT2 Corvette was hot on the Porsche's tail and it seemed we had a repeat of what happened at Sebring two years prior. The Corvette makes a few passes but is unable to make them stick. Finally, on the last lap the Corvette breaks the Porsche loose with a tap to the rear after a few failed attempts. The Corvette tries to take the inside line but is pushed into the pit wall by the Porsche. Nearing the end of the lap the Corvette is swung around in front of the Porsche and crashes, still taking second in class, but the Porsche takes first.

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Fun list, but No. 1, while exciting, is shit driving and shit sportsmanship.