The Ten Best Highway Rest Stops In The US

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Italy and their Autogrills? Not bad, but America does highway stops better. And these ten places are the musts. Bon appétit.

10.) Mars' Cheese Castle In Kenosha, WI


It's a castle full of cheese.


Great place to stop on your way to/from Chicago to just about anywhere in WI. Great restaurant, and best of all, great cheese. Perfect for curing a hangover!



The cheese castle is the greatest stop in the world.


We always stop on the way back from Milwaukee. It has some of the best cheese.

Sounds like a cheesy dream.

Suggested By: jakuiper, Photo Credit: bradhoc


9.) Pea Soup Andersen's in California


This historic Dutch chain seems to have closed a few of its restaurants, so you better hurry, as that pea soup looks fantastic.

Brian, The Life of:

These places with their iconic windmills used to dot the California interstate highways and, if you experienced them, you mouth started watering for their famous split pea soup when you startedto see their billboards miles before the exit. Most of them are gone now but there are a few left.



The one in Buelton is still there, and still quite delicious.


Yes, they are still in Santa Nella, I stop there every time I drive to LA.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: benketaro

8.) Waffle House in 25 States


The food is looking good. And there's more. Listen to these real people!


It doesn't count as a road trip in the south if you don't stop at a Waffle House.

To put some context on it I live in Michigan, we don't have Waffle Houses here, so whenever I end up anywhere in the south I have to stop at a Waffle House. It is literally my favorite restaurant.


And love just keeps coming. DarthDuster:

My first trip to the US was 1999 - to meet my then future now ex wife. She was from near Asheville NC - I was from London (UK). I practically pioneered internet dating so write *that* on my tombstone in rattle can pink.

Anyway, we met in Atlanta, and next door to our hotel was a Waffle House. I, with my hoity-toity Yuuuurrrpean sophistication and general urbanity was completely smitten by this slice of down-home honest to goodness Americana. My beloved with her aspirations and general desire to escape her background was completely and utterly appalled at this complete lack of taste on my part. (If I was a girl I would be referred to as "all fur coat and no knickers" as we say around here). Needless to say every trip we took back to the South (she moved over to London with me) necessitated me visiting a Waffle House.

Fast forward several years (post divorce) and I find myself taking a two week road trip (in a rental Mustang - natch) across California. It took me a couple of days to realize there were no Waffle Houses out west.

Or so I thought.

I happened across one in the middle of nowhere (it might have been Arizona or Nevada - I got around in those two weeks!) and couldn't do a 180 fast enough to get me some of that heart clogging goodness.

If only love affair with my ex-wife had lasted as long…

Suggested By: BlakeDaffy, Photo Credit: Hoyasmeg

7.) The Town of Breezewood, Pennsylvania


This place has everything, including lots of traffic lights slowing you down.


I've visited my cousin in Pittsburgh a couple times since moving to DC. This junction is the clutchest quarter mile stretch of fast food and truck stops in North America.


Also, as Steve Kuhn points out:

If you feel like going for a hike, there's a 7-mile stretch of abandoned turnpike (with tunnels!) in Breezewood. And it's legal to walk/bike on it!


A healthy walk after a big meal.

Suggested By: philaDLJ, Photo Credit: jmd41280


6.) Wheat Montana in Three Forks, Montana


For Sweden:

Like carbs? Located mere miles from the source of the world's fourth-longest river, this stop at the intersection of US I-15 and US Hwy 287 has everything you can imagine (except cronuts, hippie). They even have Kamut, which was thought extinct until seeds were found in King Tut's tomb, seriously.


Food, and more from the locals. svensball:

After you get that carb load stop over at Teaser's for a lap dance too. We have to keep this college girls on top of their tuition payments.


Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: born1945

5.) Cabela's in Nebraska, Kansas and more


Would you like some guns with your food? Well, one thing is for sure, if you don't mind the dead animals, Cabela's retail stores will provide enough entertainment.


Any Cabela's - the worlds most awesome sporting goods store. They have delicious food, a taxidermy collection to rival most zoos, clean bathrooms, and are always right off the highway.


Get yourself some super fashionable boots too.

Suggested By: FJ80waitinforacummins, Photo Credit: Jason Riedy


4.) Sheetz in Pennsylvania, Ohio and more


This family run business was founded in 1952, and they have 446 locations in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

There are many Sheetz fans out there, including Highball!:

Everytime I go to the Import/kitcar show at Carlisle I always have to hit the Sheetz & Turkey Hill.


Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit: Wikipedia


3.) Buc-ee's in Texas


Nuggets, beavers and the cleanest toilets in the country. Only in Texas.


Non-Texans: I feel sorry for you. Unless you drive through our Great State, you shall never know the thrill of stopping at a Buc-ee's. Not only do they have the "Best Restroom in the Country", but the sheer unique selection of snacks, meals, drinks, doo-dads, trinkets, and things-you-didn't-realize-that-you-needed-but-suddenly-do-need is AMAZING. Every inch of the establishment is ridiculously clean, every employee is ridiculously nice, and the fuel is inexpensive! I mean, 30 cents cheaper than anyone else in the local market!

Respect the Beaver.


In 2012, Buc-ee's opened its largest store in New Braunfels, Texas on Interstate 35. The New Braunfels travel center is the largest convenience store in the world at 68,000 square feet. The store features 120 fuel pumps, 31 cash registers, 4 Icee machines, 80 fountain dispensers, tubing and water gear for the Guadalupe River, and a farmer's market that features Grade 1 fruit and produce.


Even I want some Beaver Nuggets now.

Suggested By: PatBateman, Photo Credit: viviandnguyen_


2.) The Czech Stop in West, Texas


Stef Schrader likes the places in West:

I nominate the entire city of West. Three kolache joints that have been there forever plus a new one that I apparently need to try.

Honorable mentions: Hruska's and Buc-ee's, but the sheer proliferation of the only food I'll eat in the car in West is...yeah. West >.


Texans have all the fun.

Suggested By: Stef Schrader, Photo Credit: Kent Wang


1.) Iowa 80


The world's largest truckstop also happens to be the best one.


It's like disney world for travelers.


That place saved me a speeding ticket. I was driving across Iowa at night (west to east) and was basically following in the wake of a semi doing about 75, basically zoning out. Then, all of a sudden there's these bright lights that snap me out of it and I lift off the gas as I look around to see the bright I-80 sign. Then drift down to 60 just as I pass a highway patrol car's hiding spot.



Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Mike Miley


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