The Ten Best Futuristic Movie Cars

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What would cars look like without any safety regulations? Movie cars come close — designers get to try out every futuristic shape imaginable, and these are the ten best.


10.) Cadillac Cien in The Island

A future where Cadillac could pull off an actual supercar. Or something that could take on an S-Class.


Suggested By: PatBateman

9.) Adams Probe 16 in A Clockwork Orange

The only downside is, it turns you into a lunatic on the road.

Suggested By: zakarious

8.) Fiat Multipla in Children of Men

They also had a Renault Avantime, which would be my choice as well when it comes to MPV coupes. Avantime also means 'ahead of its time', and you can't really get more futuristic than that.

Suggested By: rosettaquarrier

7.) Citroën DS Cabriolet in Gattaca

A future we could get used to. Especially with an Avanti. D:

Gattaca gets it all right; I think its vision of the future is pretty spot on, including its cars. Every car in the movie is a classic, but they make little electric whirr noises when they pass by. Vintage shell with a futuristic drivetrain. The same way many contemporary buildings derive from classic Greek architecture, the cars in Gattaca copy the gorgeous exteriors of the 50's and 60's.


Suggested By: D

6.) Land Rover taxis in Judge Dredd

Based on the forward cab 110, these could be New York's taxis of the day after tomorrow.


Suggested By: JayHova

5.) Lola T70 MK2 in THX 1138

Introducing the next generation of highway patrol vehicles from 2046.

Suggested By: Blondude

4.) Light Runner in Tron: Legacy

It'll come with a future clone of Olivia Wilde, too, as well once they figure out the legal side of those neons.


Suggested By: JayBe_III

3.) Rumpler Tropfenwagens in Metropolis

While the video isn't a scene from Metropolice, you had to see the worlds first streamlined car from 1921 in action.


The Transporter:

Art deco is best deco.

Suggested By: AmericanMagpie

2.) The Pursuit Special from Mad Max

While it doesn't make too much sense to use 'the last of the V8s' when petrol is more expensive than gold, I guess if you don't expect to be around for too long, you might as well just burn that candle from both sides.


Suggested By: Julio Libre

1.) Chrysler M4S Turbo from The Wraith

Compared to a Dodge Daytona, this was like having cold fusion in your dining room.


Suggested By: TurboGoose

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Kinda of sad that the awesome "futuristic" GM concepts from Demolition Man weren't in here.

That being said. I didn't mind The Island. But it was the movie that made me hate Michael Bay.