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The Ten Worst Track Day Idiots Caught On Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Track days are supposed to be a safe, fun way to explore your car's performance in a non-competitive environment. These dopes didn't get the memo.

10.) Just Let Them Pass

Look, if you're not the fastest guy on the track just let everyone else pass. This SL driver in this video can't let go of his pride.


Suggested By: _M├ęcanicien

9.) Maybe You Should Get A Miata Instead

Vipers are great if you can handle the power, unlike this guy who might be better off with a Miata.


Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar

8.) Don't Bring An SUV To The Nurburgring

There's a reason why SUVs and crossovers with a high center of gravity don't belong on track. Allow this CR-V driver at the Nurburgring to show that reason.

Suggested By: speeddemon807

7.) Rhapsodie In Blech

To the driver in the last video's defense it's not just tall, ungainly cars that have trouble on the 'Ring as this compilation of crashes from 1970 shows. It's called Rhapsodie In Blech for good reason.


Suggested By: Jonee

6.) Brace Yourself!


A-pillars are great for many things! Being a place to brace your arm when your 911 GT2 is out of control is definitely not one of them.

Nothing against beginners trying to learn how to drive on track, but maybe he should start with a base Carrera, rather than a wild GT2.


Suggested By: Ultrasuedecushion

5.) Code Brown

As we've already seen, the Nurburgring is a dangerous track. Perhaps it's not a great idea to tailgate all of your WRX driving buddies on it. How they didn't anything is beyond me.


Suggested By: sm70- why not Duesenburg?


This guy doesn't hit anything or cause any accidents, but I certainly don't want to get on track with him anytime soon. DAMN YOU DAMIAN!!!!! NEMESIS!!!!


Suggested By: mcseanerson

3.) "I'm Warming Up The Tires, Bro"

Is your car on slicks? No? Then don't swerve wildly to "warm up" the tires.

Suggested By: Slow in, slow out.

2.) Maybe Drifting Isn't So Cool

Drifting certainly looks cool, just ask Chris Harris, but don't do it so much that your tires go bald and you end up looking like this fool.


Suggested By: sumfoo1

1.) New Nurburgring Record!

This poor guy was so excited to bring his 325i to the Nurburgring only to learn that he can't control a rear wheel drive car in the rain. On the first corner. Oh well, at least he set a new record!


Suggested By: TokyoBayAquaLine

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Top Photo Credit: Phillip Albany via YouTube