Teens in the '20s referred to cars as "struggle buggies" because they were ideal for humping covertly. A century later it's still true. With the help of our flexible readers, we've identified these ten best cars to have sex in.

This is Answers of the Day - where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's "Question Of The Day". It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers.

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10.) Buick Roadmaster Estate

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: The last of the giant American wagons, the Buick Roadmaster Estate has more than enough room in the back for a little horizontal polka without making any adjustments to your usual routine. It's also perfect for picking up older women. Wood on the outside means wood on the inside.


Best Position: The Belly Flop

Suggested by: Danzeger


9.) Volkswagen Type 2 "Microbus"

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: The people's van will let you go Fahrvergnügen with your partner and enjoy some free love without the constraints of limited headroom. It's also perfect for groups sex, as anyone who owned one of these in the '60s can tell you.

Best Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Suggested by: horspowr1001


8.) Maybach 62 S

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: The most luxurious car Mercedes makes, the limited-edition Maybach 62 S offers everything you need for a a night out: privacy shield, three-place rear bench seat, fridge, electric sliding fabric curtains, ventilated seats, perfume diffuser, and a pair of champagne flutes.

Best Position: The Lazy (Rich) Man

Suggested by: AceGT


7.) The Wienermobile

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: Not purely for the novelty of such a response (although, c'mon, it would make for a great story), the large round vehicle's got plenty space for playing "Hide the Frankfurter." Also, it's perpetually filled with college seniors so you know it's happened before.

Best Position: Doggie Style (purely for the novelty)

Suggested by: deadlycowpat95


6.) Race Car Bed

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: It's a bed that looks like a car, instead of a car doubling for a bed. If you're trying to shift gears into a more physical relationship, nothing will send a guy looking for rubber faster than a bed that looks like a Ferrari. This trick probably has the opposite effect if you're trying to get a woman to have sex with you.

Best Position: The Spork

Suggested by: oyumurtaci


5.) Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: James Bond's a notorious playmate and almost always drives an Aston Martin. Unfortunately, the DB5 coupe Bond drives is notoriously limited in terms of its potential as a sex carriage. It also carries the risk of inadvertently hitting the ejector seat prematurely. The limited-run shooting brake fixes this by giving the sultry coupe a rear storage area.

Best Position: The Dirty Dangle

Suggested by: Gimmi Morgan


4.) Honda Element

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: The back of the Honda Element essentially turns into the bed as the rear seats fold down flat, allowing the small car to swallow a big load. The interior's also carpet-free, meaning you can just hose it off after getting down-and-dirty.

Best Position: The Cosmo Cat

Suggested by: Jake


3.) Crown Victoria

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: You know how hard it is to find a car with a soft, rear bench seat? The Vicky is the last of the body-on-frame sedans, which weren't great for saving gas but were ideal for providing enough space for knocking boots. It also looks like a police car, meaning few people will bother you.

Best Position: 69

Suggested by: donhornby


2.) Popemobile

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: For the extreme exhibitionist or someone just hoping to have the best original sin to confess, sex in the Popemobile is hard to top. Currently a Mercedes G-Wagen- or ML-based SUV, the Popemobiles generally feature a large glass box in which to get-it-on. It's also bulletproof, which you're probably going to want if the Swiss Guard catches you on your knees in the Pontiff's ride.

Best Position: Missionary, of course

Suggested by: BFF-150


1.) Chevrolet El Camino

Why This Car Is A'Rockin: Like the almost certainly mulleted driver, the El Camino is all business up front and all party in the back. Sex under the stars is always on tap when you're rockin' a woman named Darlene in the back of an El Camino (or a Ranchero, if you're so inclined). While you're almost guaranteed to be able to seal the deal with a ute, there's no guarantee the man or woman your with will have all their teeth.

Best Position: Reach For The Heavens

Suggested by: , The Stig's American Cousin

Photo Credit: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images