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A survey of 1,000 Brits found 54% say they've attempted sex in a car, but less than half rated their auto-erotic exploits enjoyable. Obviously. Who would enjoy acrobatics in a Daewoo Lacetti? Which raises the question — what's better?


We know we've asked about the back seat before, but let's ask about the whole car now. As actor Simon Pegg says, "there is fuck all courteous about a Vauxhall Astra." The British auto retailer that commissioned the study found mostly older generations taking part in in-car sex, which is one of those paradoxes of life: By the time you can afford or need a sex-friendly vehicle, you've probably out of your mating years. While the Brits offered up their own list of cars for lovers (original VW Beetle?) we're sure you can do better. What's the best vehicle for having sex?


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