The Ten Best Car-In-Tunnel Videos

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Tunnels are triumphs of engineering over natural obstructions. They also make for some mindbending sights and noise with the right cars. These are Jalopnik readers' picks for the ten best videos of cars in tunnels.

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Photo Credit: Jason Thorgalsen Photography

10.) Italian Chamber Orchestra

Suggested By: Jackie

Why takes us to the other side: Soloists get all the attention, but a good group effort should not go unrecognized. Especially when it's a group made up of Northern Italy's finest aluminum castings and exhaust tubing yowling around Seattle. We wonder if the exposed left side maybe makes the sound a bit cleaner and livelier.

9.) Nissan Skyline Under Tokyo

Suggested By: daender

Why takes us to the other side: It's not just about the sound; going fast in such an enclosed, artificially-lit place is surreal. Conveniently, it can also be difficult to enforce speed limits in a tunnel, which makes one of Tokyo's underground passages a perfect place for this scorching run by a hypertuned Skyline.


We wish the video's attitude was less infomercial and more Akira, but the effect still hits you in the face.

8.) Prost F1 at Monaco

Suggested By: Altemus Prime

Why takes us to the other side: Use the word "tunnel" in a motorsports context and there's really only one place you can be talking about. The devilishly tricky underground pass at Monaco is as much sensual overload for the audience as it is mental feat for drivers going bright/dark/turn/dark/bright at ridiculous speeds.


This would have ranked higher if there had been more tunnel footage, but its inclusion is essential.

7.) Jeremy Clarkson's Sewer-Pipe Adventure

Suggested By: CRXPilot; Junior Cornering Solutions Consultant

Why takes us to the other side: During rehearsals for the filming of the original Italian Job, one of the Mini stunt drivers allegedly did a full loop during the drainpipe scene. Attempts to get the stunt on film failed, but questions about the possibility of doing it remained. Leave it to Jezza and a Twingo to show how it is done.


Oh, and there was some Mercedes ad that was sort of like this too, but computers and stuff.

6.) TVR Cerbera

Suggested By: Aldairion

Why takes us to the other side: A variation on the theme of V8, the Cerbera's flat-crank motor sings a different tune than the traditional Detroit rumble — and punctuates that noise with emphatic overrun crackling as the driver works the loud-soft-loud dynamic to brilliant effect.

5.) Shelby Cobra

Suggested By: Bullitt417 Picked Up his Mustang GT

Why takes us to the other side: Counterpoint to that is the more classical sound of an old-school V8, brought to you through side pipes. It may be a matter of the car's light weight or its minimalist construction, but somehow motors always sound livelier in Cobras, as if they're happy to be free of all that excess sheet metal.

4.) Pagani Zonda Cinque

Suggested By: Uncanny

Why takes us to the other side: Preference for the Zonda's looks may be a matter of taste, but its sound is universally appreciated. That unique cluster of four exhaust pipes emits some of the most exotic noise in the automotive world. Chase it through an enclosed space in Singapore and your whole world starts to vibrate at the edges.

3.) Ferrari 400i

Suggested By: DasWauto - Disregard politics, acquire cars

Why takes us to the other side: Variants of the same basic Gioacchino Colombo-designed V-12 powered Ferrari cars for over forty years. They would have probably been appreciated even if they'd sounded like a badger with a cold, but that glorious blend of mechanical and gas-flow noises is an essential part of the Ferrari mystique. Even the underappreciated 400i sings that glorious old bel canto tenor snarl with noble pride.

2.) Ferrari 599 GTO

Suggested By: zer0zg

Why takes us to the other side: And then to the present day. If Futurists had stuck around for the introduction of the semiautomatic gearbox, this is what their movement's music would have sounded like. Both in the pass and out in the open air, the combination of modern computerized intensity and old-fashioned engine howl is mesmerizing.

1.) Modified Datsun 240Z

Suggested By: Robb

Why takes us to the other side: Who said that only the rich guys were allowed to make cool noise? This vintage Z-car may not be stock (race-prepped engine, hand-bent headers) but it's still a bargain compared to most of the rest of the list — and it just may make the sweetest sound of them all.