The Ten Best Auto Pitchmen (And Women)

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Most car commercials keep the spotlight on the vehicles, but now and again a famous spokesperson lends their fame to help convince you of a new model's wonders. With your help, we assembled a list of the ten greatest auto pitchmen and women.

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10.) Dr. Dieter Zetsche for DaimlerChrysler

Suggested by: Ash78

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: So Daimler-Benz got together with Chrysler and the ensuing merger brought us things such as the Crossfire and these amazing Ask Dr. Z commercials. Zetsche was the CEO of Chrysler at the time, and while that era wasn't covered in glory, Zetsche is responsible for turning Mercedes-Benz. So he's German, has a degree in engineering and a sweet mustache so he has to know a thing or five about cars. Enjoy driving your German-engineered Charger SRT8.

9.) Lee Iacocca for Chrysler

Suggested by: Cheeseslap spanks his ACR for being good

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: Although it may be highly unlikely that Iacocca will find himself playing a round of golf with Snoop the Dee-Oh-double-Gee, this commercial makes it look possible. Much like Dr. Z, Iacocca is here to pitch us an entire company and he does a damn good job of making Chrysler look competent.

8.) Mike Rowe for Ford

Suggested by: thefirebuilds

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, started out selling whatever he was told to sell on QVC. When Mike Rowe isn't shoulder-deep in a cow or the bowels of San Francisco's sewer system, he's selling Fords. Proof of his amazing salesmanship is the conversion of a Chevy guy into a Ford guy.

7.) Patrick Stewart for Pontiac

Suggested by: geistkoenig

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: Buy a Pontiac Transport you say, make it so he says. Our favorite captain and all around badass voiced over this Pontiac commercial and was able to turn the neutered soccer mom minivan into the Starship Enterprise. When he's not giving acting tips to Ricky Gervais or clutching his face in embarrassment of your failures, Stewart can be found narrating for Porsche and making the Boxster sound awesome.

6.) Jackie Stewart for Ford

Suggested by: snapoversteer, Arbiter of d'Elegance

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: Sir Jackie Stewart, three-time Formula 1 World Champion and former team owner, has the best resume to sell you a car. He knows all about performance, chassis stiffness, handling, and class. In fact, Stewart is 40% class. Let's watch Jackie Stewart pitch to us the awesomeness of the Ford Tempo. Is it just me or does anyone else have the sudden urge to hoon a Tempo in wet weather conditions? Feel that body roll!

5.) Peter Stormare for VW

Suggested by: Dukie

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: This Swedish creeper and actor plays a damn good German. In this series of advertisements from WV, Stormare or Wolfgang, with the help of the sexy, Germanic Helga, teaches us about unpimping zhe Auto. It seems to be a lesson that has gone unheeded because I still see masses of poorly modified cars on a daily basis. That's of no consequence because watching Stormare drop a shipping crate on poor excuse for a Focus makes me want to buy a Golf GTI.

4.) Kate Walsh for Cadillac

Suggested by: DORIFTOSpower1001

Why She's the Best Auto Pitchwoman: If any of you have girlfriends and/or wives (don't lie, I know you don't), then at some point you must have watched "Grey's Anatomy" with Walsh. She does a pretty damn good job of selling us the CTS. I mean really, if a car doesn't turn you on when you turn it on, then you've made the wrong choice of vehicle.

3.) Jill Wagner for Mercury

Suggested by: dmckoltrane

Why She's the Best Auto Pitchwoman: Hey, is that a straight-six? I think I've got a straight-six. No Err, the Mercury Milan comes with a V6 but that doesn't mean we can't hit on Jill Wagner. She's probably the best looking person to front an automobile advertisement in a long time, unless older women like Kate Walsh are your thing or if you like Peyton Manning for some reason. I know you're not reading this and just watching the video over and over again. Surely another non-dead brand can make Jill Wagner happy again.

2.) Cal Worthington for Cal Worthington Ford

Suggested by: Wireless Joe

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: As a young child growing up in Los Angeles, I often found myself watching Cal Worthington's commercials on television and being amazed at his enthusiasm and excitement for selling cars. He and his dog Spot, who was never a dog but rather a tiger or an elephant, were a West Coast thing you wouldn't understand. Nonetheless, Cal Worthington made more money in 1988 than any single dealer has ever made. He even had his own advertising company, with himself as the only client, that did all the commercials for his dealerships.

1.) Joe Isuzu for Isuzu

Suggested by: Val Kortchak

Why He's the Best Auto Pitchman: This sounds like a lie. Nobody can sell an Isuzu like Joe Isuzu. I mean look at him! He's incapable of deception. Are Isuzu's any good? Look at that Impulse and tell me you don't have a mini Impulse in your pants. Also, the Impulse is in fact faster than a speeding bullet. Isuzu has a long and glorious future ahead of it. Trust me, I'm Superman.

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