Who Is The Best Auto Pitchman?

Jeff Bridges might have given us a rousing improptu Hyundai ad, but the Dude is just one in a long line of men and women who lent their voices to a car company. Who is the best auto pitchman?

Did you think it was going to be anyone but Ricardo Montalban? What other auto pitchman has their own heavily populated tagpage? His voice calling out for Soft Corinthian Leather outlived the Chrysler Cordoba itself. It's so irrepressibly sensual. He starts out by saying "I know my needs" and adds "I request nothing beyond the thickly cushioned luxury of..." before finishing with "I have what I need." It's truly remarkable persuasion.


Now that we've gotten the easy one out of the way, try to top Kahn.

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Joe Isuzu. Does anything else need to be said? Would I lie to you?