Have you ever wondered how they got those incredible driving shots in movies like Transformers 2, Fast & Furious or Dark Knight? Thanks to Redline TV and host, Tanner Foust, we'll get an inside look.

Car chases in film have always been an interesting mix between pure driving skill and cinematic artistry, but we always wondered exactly how they shot some of the more intense scenes. The camera cars employed by Pursuit Systems include a 100+ mile per hour dune buggy, a 500 horsepower Mitsubishi Evo, a supercharged Mini Cooper S and a couple of 450 horsepower Porsche Cayennes. A pretty impressive stable, wouldn't you say?

They've proven to be the go-to-guys in the movie making world. Whether those needs are for a 100+ mile per hour chase scenes while dodging traffic or drift scenes through a multi-leveled parking structure, it doesn't really matter, Pursuit Systems can do it all.

Pursuit Systems Demo Reel:

(Hat Tip To Lorne!)

[via pursuit systems]