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Do you want a Formula 1 car to take to track days but don’t want to bring an entire team of mechanics with you? Well good news, because for just $2 million, Tour-de-Force Power Engineering will sell you an F1 car that has been “expertly re-engineered for private use.”

Built from a 2011 Marussia or 2012 Sauber Formula 1 chassis, the TDF-1 is designed to go 3000 kilometers between service. The 2.4-liter V8 engines that were originally in these cars have been replaced by 1.7 liter 4-cylinders pushing 600 horsepower. A dry weight of 1,322 pounds gives these cars a power-to-weight ratio of about 1,000 horsepower per metric ton.

Photo: TDF

The company is claiming 95 percent of the performance of a Formula 1 car. Zero to 60 times are under two seconds with a top speed somewhere north of 200 mph. The cars retain the original F1 aerodynamics, so at speed they will slow down with 4.5g of deceleration and corner at 4g. They also have DRS, though TDF added a safety feature that shuts it off when the driver hits the brakes or turns the steering wheel. One thing it doesn’t come with is a good excuse for not being the fastest driver at the track.

There is a push-button starter in the cockpit and actual radiator fans mounted in the car, so you could presumably drive this by yourself, should you have $2 million but also no friends. The car runs on high octane race fuel, and sadly does not come with a license plate.

Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.

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