The SUV Is Dead. Long Live The SUV.

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If the interviewees in a recent Detroit News article are any indication, old SUV buyers are switching to — SUVs. Wait, what? Yep, rather than adapting to rises in fuel prices by changing their thinking, consumers are just doing what consumers naturally do — demanding more. Except in this case, "more" means less fuel consumption.

Most people aren't willing to actually change or give up anything; they just want the products to adapt for them. Hence, everybody's new favorite market segment, the crossover SUV. It seems that many midsize SUV buyers can't give up the feeling of an unnecessarily bloated vehicle with minor off-road capabilities. So, they're looking to switch from their old Explorers to an Edge or the new Flex. That may not be news, but it's still sad to many of us who hoped for the rise of the hot 5-door hatch.