Audi could make its car models distinguishable from each other someday, but it looks like that day won’t come this model year. Here are some leaked photos of what’s thought to be the 2019 Audi A6, which isn’t supposed to debut until next month. We know it’s an “A6” because we looked at the badging on the back.

Update, 7 p.m. It turns out these leaked images were legit, as it didn’t take Audi long to release more information regarding the new A6. Every model of the new car will feature a 48-volt mild hybrid setup, likely just on the 3.0-liter turbo V6 for the U.S., which powers the start-stop system and lets the car coast with the engine off between 34 and 99 mph.


There’s only a seven-speed auto, a standard front-biased Quattro all-wheel drive setup, optional all-wheel steering and options for four different suspension setups. Interior space has also been increased a bit.


The rest of this article continues below as it was originally published. The top photo has been replaced with an official image.


Modern Audis, while great cars, are kind of hard to tell apart from each other. Even Audi has admitted that. To show just how similar the probably new A6 is to past models of the car, here are a few recent versions of the Audi A6, along with an A4 and an A3 to add a little fun into the mix:

Image: Audi

And, in case you’re not familiar with the design language yet, here’s another leaked photo of what could be the new A6:


Photos of what could be the new A6 appear to have popped up on a forum for the first time Tuesday morning, with the typical grain and bad image quality of leaked press photos. The license plate on the car in the photo also matches that of the new A6 used in a teaser video posted on YouTube by Audi Germany a few days ago (why tease a car that looks the same? anyway...), but that could always be doctored in and these photos could be fake.

But, then again, even if they are fake, this is probably what the A6 will look like. Audi doesn’t give many surprises in the “exterior looks” category these days.

Image: Audi, probably

Thank God these supposed leaks have a view from the back.

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