This Could Be The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Before You're Supposed To See It

All photos credit: Honda, probably
All photos credit: Honda, probably

We’ve been waiting long enough for the debut of a production version of the U.S.-bound 2018 Honda Civic Type R, and apparently the internet agrees: some claimed leaks of the car are making the rounds online, and boy, do they look as wild as the concept version did.

We had to stare at the concept version of the Type R for months after its debut in September 2016, waiting and waiting to see what would actually come to our beloved streets. Honda then announced in February that the reveal of the new Type R would come at the Geneva Motor Show, which starts on March 9.

But here we are, several days early, staring at what may be the new face of the Type R—and it looks almost exactly like the concept we knew and loved. But other than a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and a manual transmission, we don’t have much confirmation about what else will come with the car.


The apparent Type R leak only consists of two photos, one featuring the front of the car and the other showing off the back. They’re both charmingly pixelated, as leaks often are, but you can see just how insane the production car could be when it actually debuts in a few days.

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Of course, there’s always the slight possibility that these Type R images came from some rendering whiz who just wants to mess with us all. It appears that Autocar first caught onto the photos circling around online, but the website didn’t specify where they came from. That makes it hard to investigate further.

But either way, we’ll be seeing—or confirming our premature sight of—the new Type R in just a few days. Production will start this summer, and soon after, this beauty (or something similar) become the first Honda-badged production Type R to be sold in America.

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Jesus its over styled if these images are correct. Its Japanese Tuner af. And its only going to get worse after the huge Civic aftermarket here in the US gets a hold of it. The regular Sport hatch looks better than this.