The Strangest And Dumbest Things That Happened To Cars In 2017

This past year was terrible, but you already know that. It’s time, now, for some relief. Let us recap some of the strangest and most perplexing things we found on the road in 2017.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Image: Martin Worobec/GlobalBC

That’s one way to keep moving.

Man Finds Car 20 Years After Forgetting Where He Parked It

Image: VW

This story eventually racked up over 738,000 page views and baffled everyone here at Jalopnik HQ.

Watch This Old Dude Headbang To Metallica

GIF: Karbofos02/YouTube

May we always be so young.

This Disaster Will Make You Never Use An Automated Car Wash Ever Again

GIF via reader Nick

This is one of my worst nightmares!

Watch This Poor Car Wash Worker Get Whipped Around By A Huge Brush


Automated car washes are bad.

Cars Take California Starbucks ‘Drive Thru’ Too Literally, Twice



Oblivious Dump Truck Driver Takes Out Highway Sign, Chaos Ensues


This did not end well, and, rewatching it now, I’m a bit surprised by the relative fragility of the signs, though that is a massive dump truck.

Here’s Video Of That Car Falling Seven Stories Out Of A Parking Garage Last Month


It was the second time in less than a year at his particular garage in Austin, Texas.

Cars Keep Crash-Landing Into This Repair Shop’s Parking Lot, Business Must Be Booming

Screenshot via CBS Pittsburgh

As Justin pointed out in the original post, this is one hell of a business model

Here’s One Way To Transport Your Giant Christmas Tree


This gets an A for effort, and well, a C- for execution? You still pass!

Rider Bucked Off Motorcycle After Buck Clears Rider

Screenshot via mcscissorhands

The buck gets a surprising amount of air.

California DMV To Motorists: Please Don’t Ask For The Number 69 On Your Stupid Vanity Plate (Updated)

Image: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Not so nice.

Moose Runs Rampant And Slows Traffic


This is my favorite, I think. I still can’t get over the tongue!

Have a happy new year! I’ll see everyone in 2018.

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