Oblivious Dump Truck Driver Takes Out Highway Sign, Chaos Ensues

They tried to warn him, and he didn’t pay attention. Somehow I have to imagine it’s not hard for a truck driver to realize his massive truck bed is raised, and that it might cause problems while motoring down the highway. Here’s what happens when the truck driver, uh, doesn’t realize his mistake.


This is one of the craziest amateur videos of pure stupidity and insanity sourced straight from the tap that I’ve seen in a long time, in which two guys try to flag down a dump truck because its the bed is sticking up, and then the truck driver plows through a highway sign and flips over anyway:

What also completely blows my mind is how the two people tailing the dump truck stay too close behind, knowing what’s about to happen. You even get verbal confirmation of them knowing it’s about to go down with the simple but effective “shit!” that leaks out of one of them right before all hell breaks loose.

Why are you riding so close if you know that’s going to happen?! Why didn’t you start braking before or even at the expression of “shit!”? What the hell was the truck driver doing?

According to ABC13 Houston, the crash happened in the northbound lanes of the East Loop in Houston, and the driver’s condition is unknown.

This post originally misidentified the roadway and has been updated with the accurate information.

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