Rider Bucked Off Motorcycle After Buck Clears Rider

Screenshot via mcscissorhands

Watch this crazy video of a huge buck jumping over a flock of motorcyclists, throwing one of them off balance and into the street as the graceful creature soars into the great green void.

It couldn’t get any more coincidental. The Instagram video from user mcscissorhands shows the group of motorcyclists just pass by a deer crossing warning before a giant, likely terrified, and adorably dumb buck comes charging across the road, somehow leaping just between two riders.


How that thing cleared the two of them, we’ll never know. Unfortunately for the one guy, the giant animal charging at him was enough to throw him off balance and bring him to the ground. Luckily he wasn’t injured, and it’s not clear how much damage was done to his bike.

I’d say be wary of the warning signs, but this whole incident happens so quickly in the video I don’t think it would have really mattered. That thing was huge, too. And it basically has like six spears growing out of its skull. What the fuck.

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