The Story of TVR as it Really Happened

Photos of giant V12 engines, Day-Glo fiberglass shells, and Gary Numan’s stenciled head tell what happened behind the scenes at Britain’s coolest dead carmaker.

Before you’d think that posting a picture of the TVR Speed Twelve’s 1000+ hp, 7.7-liter V12 is a subtle way of saying that TVR is back from the dead, well, it’s not. But


any day is a good day to remember TVR.

These are pictures taken not by professionals but by people who worked at the factory, the people who knew these people, or happened to be married to them. As a result, they are crude, but they show real life at an idiosyncratic car factory. There are pinups, there are dead mice, there are engines put to destructive testing, and there may also be dudes with bare asses and velocity trumpets.

If you’re okay with that, click through to the car blog Stipistop, where our Euro intern Máté has lovingly assembled them all. There is a page one and a page two.

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