Not to be outdone by any two-bit Corvette that Chevy happens to dump on the world this weekend, the Viper is striking back. With a new paint color! Okay, so it's not as big a bump as the Z06, but holy hell, just look at it. It's green. Very, very green.

Technically the new color is called "Stryker Green," but what it is just sick. It's a fantasmamazing shade of green with pearlescent yellow undertones, and it's the best. Harking back to the "Snakeskin Green" of the last generation, it's a nice evolution and a much better maturation of the last shade.


The team that builds the Viper says that this particular color takes eight hours to apply, which is many, many hours. I once painted my whole apartment in less time than that. It looks like SRT is now really catering to those extremely particular Viper owners.

Photo credit: SRT