The SRT Viper Is A Magnet For Car People

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Last night we had a great party in Peacthree City for Jalopnik and Gizmodo readers . There was conversation, baked potato pizza, and the ever generous and spirited Globe shoe model Rutledge Wood regaling us with stories of untamed Mexico. What we lacked was a Viper. That didn't stop nearly a dozen fans from hanging out in our hotel lobby for Travis to pull up in the car much much later. Everywhere we go, we attract car people. To wit, after lunch we found this modified Nissan GT-R and its owner waiting for us.

As many of the people who were at Peachtree City last night will tell you, there's nothing like hanging out with other cool, diverse, autopluralistic car people. There was Rut's old VW truck next to a Lotus, across from a Phaeton, a few pots down from a Challenger R/T and a BMW 1M Coupe. And a Miata. Always a Miata.

Today we stopped off at Gulfport, Mississippi's famous Half Shell for a delicious lunch of oysters. On our way out there was Chris, running between the Grand Cherokee SRT and the Viper, anxious to learn everything about it. He knew it was new. Knew it was awesome.


His own a ride — a heavily modified 2013 GT-R — was no slouch either. Despite packing over 630 AWHP, he wanted to take a turn in the Viper. Travis didn't hesitate to find room and took off down the block. The smile when he got back was worth putting us a little behind schedule.

If you want to hang out in this esteemed company, we'll be with our Gizmodo pals swapping stories, enjoying a few beers, and watching clips from the new Gizmodo TV show, which premiers March 18th on BBC America after the Top Gear finale at The Cellar Bar in Houston tonight at 7:00 PM (look for the SRT products)(We meant 8:00 PM. Whoops?)


Friday night we'll be at the Dock And Roll Diner in Austin, Texas, celebrating SXSW with THREE of our writers and another surprise vehicle, as well as comely John Lithgow impersonator Joel Johnson.